First rainbow of the year here. Sadly I failed to find that pot of gold. If I had found that pot then I could have happily binned this application form in front of me.

Having carefully followed the IKEA flat pack like instructions that came with the application pack I was officially LOST. Don’t you just love filling out Government Forms. Especially the ones which are designed to stop you claiming any money from them. You know your in trouble when your lost on the FIRST page with another 30 to go. Only thing left was for me to contact the dreaded customer care line. 🤯🙈

Having showed them the tattoo on my left buttock as proof of who I am and confirmed that I was a UK citizen… the main event started. I carefully explained my personal circumstances

“How can I help you Sir.”

Box 4. I’m not sure which option to tick in terms of circumstances.

Well sir you are not classed as a widow. You also don’t meet the definition of single, divorced, separated or married. So you would tick the box marked OTHER.”

Ok there is a problem being OTHER. That option then directs me to the final page. I get a paragraph to fill out with any other information and that’s it. I don’t get the chance to fill out the other 28 pages of questions. I’m guessing they are kind of important to the overall claim…

Unfortunately those are the current protocol rules. You do get that box on the final page to set out you circumstances and information relating to your claim.

Is there anything else I can help you with….

Would you mind answering a few prerecorded customer care questions…..”


So I’m not entirely convinced that my claim will go that well. More chance of finding that pot of gold….

42 thoughts on “Rainbow LOST

  1. I have this issue with a doctor’s bill that is continuously unresolved. No one will step up and make the right move – I just have to keep calling all these people to get the run around. Yet they ALL request for me to complete some phone satisfaction survey after our calls. Just because I am calm (a personality trait that can haunt me) doesn’t mean I am happy with the results.
    I am sorry you keep getting a similar run-aruond. It is frustrating. I hope things eventually work out for you!

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  2. Thank goodness in this country such questions are usually framed in terms of relationship status rather than marital status. There’s no distinction between a marriage, civil union or de facto relationsip (common law marriage).

    You’re a solo parent. End of story. The only situation where a past relationship might be important is whether a previous partner should shoulder a portion of tbe support.

    Am I correct in assuming that non-registered relatioships are treated differently in the UK?

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  3. Such a crock of 🐂💩 Government forms are the absolute worst!
    When the ex first left, I applied for cash aid and food aid. They have to do a home visit as part of the whole process. I was home waiting and the person must’ve gently tapped once, I never heard them, I was denied and had to do the whole thing over.🙄
    I hope you have better luck!🤞💌💌💌

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  4. I don’t understand any of that, lol. If you’re not “classed” as a widow, but you have kids. Surely that would mean you’re a single parent? What even is a “other”? lol…Oh I hate Government Forms.

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  5. A couple of days ago I made my first attempt to join the Muppet Club. I had a bit of trouble filling in the census form. I thought last Sunday was 21st. My submission hasn’t been returned yet. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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  6. Hate forms. The Census is the latest. Wonder how many new religions will surface this time round?
    They don’t make form filling easy do they? It’s all wrong and I bet ‘single parent’ was nowhere on it. If I find the crock of gold first, I’ll send you half.

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  7. So if you had a common-law spouse and you aren’t considered widowed, how can they say you are not single? Other…how many variations can there possibly be? This is all created by some clever dick who is trying to exclude people. Probably got a big award for all the money he saved. SCREAM.

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