A number of comments over the last few months have brought up one word. Motivation. Motivation for the parents to keep grinding through the homeschool days. Motivation of the teachers to keep entering cramped and unhealthy classrooms to keep trying to educate. What are the real motivations of the Government. AND most importantly the motivation required for pupils to keep trying to learn when the odds are stacked against them.

Dad, REALLY, what is the point…”

What’s wrong Hawklad.

Nothing from best lesson of the day. Not a thing yet the next lesson manages to flood me with stuff after stuff on what the various religions say on same sex marriages.”

Don’t get me wrong it’s an important thing. But not in this much detail. Frankly I’m bored now. Very bored.”

They tell me in great detail what others think but haven’t bothered to ask my opinion.”

Well Son it’s the last lesson of this for a week.

Well it will be back next week talking about the same things again. Not sure it’s possible to be anymore bored than I am right now.”

“What is the point…. well now they have given homework out on this. Tough – I will just take the punishment. I’m not doing it.”

Well find something else to learn about.

I have. I watched a video on Maggie Thatcher and how she was booted out of office.”

Good for you.

It’s not something that will be on the exams as school don’t cover it. But stuff it. Its better than the stuff we are being told what to learn about today. What is the point.”

50 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. He’s right. When I came to the States I was only 16 so I was forced to attend senior year in high school. It was HELL. When I went for exams I was presented with a sheet of questions that had multiple choice answers. I had never seen such a thing before, was not familiar with the material, so I just ticked at random. I said “but where do I get to express myself?” Oh, not having that. Education in UK used to be so much better, but these days it’s not sounding so good. I’m with Hawklad…tell school to stuff it. Well, maybe don’t encourage him to repeat what the grumpy old woman said!

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  2. Oh, heavens above! Why must they burden our young? Frustrating! But, I must say I like very much Hawklad’s response. This is what I have been saying-he is a smart fellow that will end up with a uniquely tailored education. Continued prayers.

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      1. I was just thinking the same thing that it seems he’d benefit a lot more from homeschooling where he could direct his own education. What is causing him to hold back and not commit to that?

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  3. Hawklad is finding the truth in so much! He’s got an independent, clear thinking head on his shoulders. It’s hard to fit into what society wants, but he’s a real gem. Clearly a testament to his dad!! Have a beautiful day Gary, sending you lots of support and more motivation 🙂

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  4. I am surprised that they are discussing this in class. Not bad to make them look a bit deeper and get aware of what is going on in this world, basically. But isn’t it a bit early for a child?

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  5. Sheesh, bury them in information or give none at all. I’m with Hawklad… great to have info on what others think, but “let’s have a discussion now, what do you think?” What’s the point indeed?!
    Whoever designs the curriculum needs to talk to some students of the age range it’s designed for.

    So much of “education” is pointless facts that are useless in everyday life. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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  6. Hawklad makes me smile at how he always questions things. Has he watched the Meryl Streep version of Maggie Thatcher? That’s always an entertaining alternative to the lesson of the day!

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  7. It’s great he can identify when he’s bored and why and change to something that interests him and is still useful.
    I think it’s good that they are covering different perspectives on same sex marriage but clearly it’s not very well put together and he’s right to want his opinion taken into account after digesting all that stuff. Pity that wasn’t a thread running through it all.
    It’s great he has opinions but then why would that surprise me, given his father!!!

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  8. My personal opinion is that watching quizzes on TV would do much to help with learning – much of my geography and history knowledge has come from quizzes. Or blogging – I owe a lot of my knowledge of Switzerland to you. It’s a shame to waste the best years of your memory on cramming in stuff we will never use again.

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