Red sky at night Shepherds delight.

I’m taking Boris Johnson so I guess I might be getting some of those delightful fan mail messages again.

Watching the news and again shaking my head. Just maybe the UK could vote for a leader next time who could be bothered to comb his hair or dress in front of a mirror. So our esteemed PM has been talking again. Amazing considering he has just got others to pay for a £200000 makeover on his flat.

Apparently 120000 deaths is in fact a sign of a job well done. Something to be proud of. It’s silly to compare us with other countries with much lower death levels as comparisons are meaningless. Soon things will be apparently back to normal with most of the restrictions lifted. Crowds will be back. Football grounds, restaurants and pubs will be full again. Life will be good within months. Which is bizarre as he then mentioned that (entirely down to Europe and absolutely nothing to do with lifting restrictions) a third wave will likely hit the UK real soon.

Ok….. Didn’t we already go through our really bad third wave after Christmas when the PM lifted restrictions against the advice of his medical experts. If a FOURTH wave hits then it’s not down to Europe. The threats sources are clear. From vaccine resistant mutations spreading far more rapidly due to premature restriction easing. The threat comes from still not having any meaningful Covid screening checks at many airports and ports. It comes from a bizarre refusal to address overcrowding, design failings and poor ventilation in our schools, offices and public places. It comes from using schools as a way of promoting a discredited ‘herd’ strategy. It comes from pinning all our hopes on a ‘vaccinate out of this mess strategy’ and close our eyes to other long overdue changes. It comes from still not having an effective track and trace system. It comes from a wonderful health service which has been cut back over far too many years and is now utterly exhausted. It comes from mixed messages from the top which is resulting in some people following social distancing and others thinking the pandemic is over.

Moan over….

That sky was delightful.

32 thoughts on “Delightful

  1. The sky is stunning. The thing with politicians is that make decisions based on a whim rather than any scientific findings. I hope he’s wrong about another wave, but I fear he knows it will come to pass most likely because of decisions he is making. Focus on that sky.

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  2. You could see it coming … the ‘let’s make the most of Europe having an increase in numbers’ little spark of thought! And sure enough … laying the groundwork to blame Europe if we have the next wave. Cover our backs, ensure we use every opportunity to spin the situation in our favour! They really are a cretinous bunch!!

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  3. Beautiful sky!
    I think Claire nailed it with blaming Europe. It’s like how Orange Idjit started talking about fraud before the election.
    BoJo can’t comb his hair, he’s too busy covering his ass.
    It makes me wonder how many people have given up on thinking for themselves, and just parrot what they’re told. Good old British indoctrination… errr… education.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Not much better here, with the schools and the people. Thank goodness we have a new prez though!!

    Yep! That is a stunning sky! Big picture envy! 💌💌💌

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  4. So Gary, what is the point you are making? 🙂

    Humour aside, l know what you are saying, l have bounced my head around the brick wall cafe the same way …. however as to voting for a better candidate even with brushed hair … who sits well for that position?

    There have been too many mistakes made .. he has conceded to this, mistakes are still being made – these have been acknowledged … more mistakes will continue to be made – who knows what they’ll say about it… but we have to learn to live with this in our lives, in our todays and our tomorrows but the world has to move on … and more mistakes will be made.

    I am in many camps on this … and whilst l am not an antivaxxer l am curious as to how we managed to find a semifix antidote so quickly … mind you this pandemic will be with us for years and if anything, l still believe this is a trial pilot – l think we have more variants to come.

    Did the governments no about it … or were they as clueless as they are making out to be?

    Another possibility but at least you are right, the sky is glorious 🙂

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  5. The sunset is breathtaking! BoJo’s ineptitude makes me growl. I am really surprised, considering the lockdowns the UK has implemented, how you guys have the 8th highest death toll per capita? You’ve done a much better job at lockdowns than we have, for our last president didn’t believe in such things, and half our states’ governors still don’t, hence we have 556,000+ deaths to date, but per capita we are slightly less than yours. Puzzling. Hang in, my friend … take heart in the fact that at least you guys don’t have people shooting up grocery stores. Sigh. xx

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  6. The UK could probably be just as effective as NZ in stamping out covid if only it didn’t repeat, and repeat ineffective lockdowns. Do it properly and do it once. And ensure the virus isn’t able to freely cross the borders. We’ve proven it’s possible.

    It would appear that Boris is of the opinion that if you continue making the same mistakes and getting the same results, the best solution is to continue making the same mistakes in the hope of getting a different result. Has anyone pointed out to him that there’s no evidence of that ever happening?

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  7. I share those same feelings here in the States. People refuse to get vaccinated and are now ripping off their masks and CDC and government is okay as we approach 600,000 deaths. Sad!

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