Some things in life are naturally beautiful and guaranteed to make you smile.

One of those days. Not enough sleep. School at home was a pain in the buttocks. WordPress continued to act like an incompetent evil overlord. An upcoming concert I was really looking forward to (which had already been rescheduled from last year) was cancelled. Smashed some cups (unintentionally). THEN Hawklad decided to walk into wooden table and clearly has broken his little toe. At least I can see evidence that some of my genes have passed down the family line. Nothing we can do except get him to rest up for a few days.

So in need of distraction I decided to strike one item off the growing DIY list. Let’s put the external mail box back on the wall. Much drilling, much banging, much muttering, much screwing. The mail box was up. Not a bad job at all. Level and well secured. Shame it was upside down…… Not sure what the Postman would think of a letter slot at the bottom. Not the first time my DIY has taken a walk to the a Southern Hemisphere. Summed up the day…..

On days like this those things that make you smile are even more important. Even more treasured.

60 thoughts on “Toe

  1. I needed a distraction day as well. Decided to start clearing mine and my parent’s yards of all last year’s leaves. Didn’t finish. A winter of my backside being parked in this chair showed. But, one of the feral cats has become so much more receptive to being handled and that brought a smile. Sorry about the concert and the broken toe. I know that hurts.

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      1. They happen as you well know. What is important, is how we handle them. You occupied the day with a do it yourself project. I did the same here. What I’m thinking would be really nice though, is ice cream.. There is no better distraction than ice cream.


  2. Ouchie!! I’ve broken my toes so many times. I even have a post about a Happy Dance ending with a broken toe. Does your furniture move on its own too? πŸ˜‰

    Upside down isn’t the worst that could’ve happened. When my ex was working as a mechanic, he was holding a part and trying to drill a hole, and ran the drill slantways into his finger. Then he had to reverse the drill to get it back out of his finger.
    You and I are capable of… ummmm… “creative” home accidents πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. DIY gone wrong- well these things happen, and all too easily! Sometimes we just have to try and see the humour in order to keep a handle on our peace of mind.

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  4. Awwww … poor Hawklad! I don’t think any one of my ten toes have survived without being broken at least once. Same can be said for fingers, arms, collarbones … sigh. They really should make bones out of stronger material, y’know? I was actually having a decent day for a change … until the news of another mass shooting … the second in 8 days … 10 dead this time. And now … I see some beautiful daffodils at the top of this post … I think I’ll just focus on those … πŸ˜₯

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  5. Sending healing wishes to Hawklad. As for Muppet Dad, your DIY blunder made me {{{giggle}}} and now I guess you’ve sorted it the right way up, right? Compost turning day might be better done on a warmer day, because there’s a winter blast coming our way and some rain expected. Stay warm, maybe make some seedling pots using the inside of bog rolls.

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      1. Have you ever done that stale 🍞 wholemeal loaf house 🏠 thingy, for the gerbils? 🐹 Where you just take out the outer squares out for the windows and a door and let them eat their way through. I think it’s so cute.


  6. First of all – I am so sorry for Hawklad. I once broke my baby toes while chasing my cat (don’t ask – so humiliating!). It was soooo painful and of course, baby toes cannot be put in a cast. I spent weeks hobbling around but most of the time had to sit on the couch like a proverbial couch potatoe!

    You are having a day! I had to read that last bit out loud to my husband so he could enjoy your tongue-in-cheek humor as well. (We have both done similar things when takling DIY projects).

    I hope your day improves and Hawklad recovers fully and quickly. I thank you once again for the smiles, it helps to know we’re not the only ones.

    Hugs ❀

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