I know the lawn needs sorting out….. I will try as our gardener is clearly lying down on the job.

After ‘school at home’ had finished for the day I managed to drag the broken toe Hawklad outside for a while. Normally that means him pacing around the garden. So it’s an odd feeling just getting to sit in a garden chair. I was starting to worry about Hawklad getting bored and frustrated with being so immobile WHEN….

Dad did you just see the mole hill move…..”

And yes it was. The mole was clearly active and soil was being pushed to the surface. Lots of soil. It went on for about an hour. How exciting. That hour rushed past. It almost felt like we were observing some majestical big wildlife event. All we needed was a camera crew and the wonderful David Attenborough. Even Captain Chaos became transfixed for a time until he was sent inside as he had decided to help out the excavation work.

Just goes to show. You might feel hemmed in by life but if you keep looking you just might start to see some of that real world come to you.

63 thoughts on “Hills

    1. Maybe that time won’t come again, but other times will. Butterflies, birds, even the cows on the farm next door. Life reveals itself in many ways. One just needs to look to see them.

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  1. Really really nice post, Superdad. I’m glad a bit of life found you. I hope and pray so much more of it crosses your path. Stay out of the rain ❤ and that sunshine and blue skies will find you. ❤ Thanks for sharing some.

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  2. Aw moles. You have a great lawn. I’d hate anyone to see the state of mine! Even the groundhog won’t sit on it. He finally emerged but sits below the rim of the “dip” eyeing us suspiciously. He wont be happy till my phlox are ready for his plucking.

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  3. No popcorn? Ah, well… maybe next time😉
    Nature offers us SOOO many gifts every day. I’m so happy you and Hawklad got to share that. Better than a football game, I’d bet😉😂😂

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  4. I remember the feeling of awe as I watched a pair of foxes from out balcony one winter evening. There is something about watching “wild” life that is really thrilling, even if it’s a rodent. I am so glad you managed to get Hawklad outside for a bit and I love the pic of Captain Chaos.

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