Today I received my first dose of Covid Vaccine. The AstraZenenca version. The process was managed brilliantly by our wonderful NHS. Very thankful. It’s a start. But it’s not the complete solution.Will definitely continue to isolate. To social distance and be masked up. To try protect others and the NHS.

We have such a long way to go before can say this fight is over. We can just hope that something can begin to open up the world again for Hawklad.

70 thoughts on “They got me

  1. Yay! You got poked!😘😂😂 California Governor just announced that April 1st 50+ can get shots, then by May 1st, everyone.
    I’m signed up on a couple different lists for appointments, so I’ll wait. I’m not in a mad rush, but I will get the shots.

    They’re doing studies with children. Maybe Hawklad can get poked soon too🤞

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  2. A report issued yesterday by the US authorities showed that the two major groups vaccinated here show an almost total reduction in new cases. As one who had the two shots by February 26th, I am encouraged by the news, but I still, like you, will follow the precautions for as long as I feel safer.

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  3. Fingers crossed this will help the world open up again for you and Hawklad! I have no idea when I am going to be eligible. I loved that no one got sick in this house at all this year – no colds, no sore throats, no nothing. I may have us wear masks for some time after this. They really do help!

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  4. You’re right that it’s not the end of it, but vaccinations are certainly an important step out of this mess.

    Things are going a lot more slowly — I don’t expect to get my jab before June.


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