Schools Out, Schools Out for Easter.

The last day of term was marked with another school letter. Another positive pupil case with 45 other pupils in isolation for 10 days. Across the country infection rates amongst the 5 to 14 age group are rising since schools returned. On Monday some of the country’s lockdown rules are eased.

Well at least everyone is still wearing masks…..

On the way back from the vaccination centre yesterday I stopped off for petrol. Straw pole. Me and the person behind the till had masks fully on. One lady appeared to have a mask but she was carrying it in her hand. Another guy had a mask hanging loosely around his neck. Everyone else, no mask.

Lockdowns Out, Lockdowns Out for Easter

So the two week break has started. Started with sitting out in the baking sun. Talking with Hawklad on what he would like to do over the next few days. First ice creams of the break. Sat outside in the freezing wind.

Wooly Jumpers Out, Wooly Jumpers Out for Easter.

34 thoughts on “Schools Out

  1. That I don’t understand. Why having a mask with you if you don’t use it or keep it well on your face?! It doesn’t help! It shouldn’t be too hard to take the mask, put it well on and keep it there!!!

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  2. Spring seems very shy and timid this year. Or Winter just doesn’t want to let go. We’ve got sunshine, but the breeze that is usually mild this time of year, feels like it’s coming off an iceberg 🥶
    Maybe it’s just me and my struggle with putting weight back on🤷🏼‍♀️

    At the shops, everyone wears masks. I’ve seen managers send people out, or refuse to let them in without a mask.
    When I’m out walking, there are a few with no marks at all, but most are like me, with the “chin diaper” look. Mask down until passing people, then pulling it back up. My glasses get steamed up if I leave on full time🤪

    Enjoy your break… but don’t *break* anything doing silly stunts😉😂😂💌💌💌💌

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  3. It’ll be months before there’s even a sniff of a vaccine for most of us here in Ireland but at least most of those in nursing homes and over 80 have had at least 1 shot.
    We look on in amazement at the going on over the Irish sea.
    Hope the ice cream was yummy.

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  4. I watched two neighbours on our little street say goodbye to people that had ‘slept over’ last night. Last weekend out neighbours had a party which by the sounds of it had a fair few people attending. They must have a ‘bubble’ the size of the O2 arena! People aren’t hiding it … there is clearly a view that this is over. No need for distancing, masks or following any rules. Maybe I’m just an old cynic but I have my doubts about taking that approach ❤️

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  5. It mentally freaks me out, to see so many being knobheads and not wearing a mask in a shop. I mean, FFS I have to wear the lot in work all day, changing the mask every four hours so as to throw away the steam from my breath. 🥵 How long do these ignorant people last in a shop? They don’t even bother! I really freaks me out knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen, living through what I do at work and honestly it wears me down with sadness. For the truth is: I have no control over others, only myself and don’t want to be what my adrenaline wants me to be. 😡 🤬

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