Kinda feels like the type of sky you get just before it all goes horribly wrong in a Terminator movie. This time no coming storm. Just me in the kitchen making a curry. Actually very similar when you think about it. Especially if you have ever seen or unfortunately tasted one of my Saag Aloo horrors.

As I watched that cloud formation role through my thoughts had moved from terrible cooking to more important stuff. Doesn’t that cloud look like a polar bear lying flat out on its tummy. Well it did to me….

We spent an hour or so playing the cloud spotting game today. Fantastic free garden entertainment, the kinda stuff you need during a prolonged lockdown. While we were cloud spotting I kept hearing a nagging voice in my head. We could be so easily playing this in a years time. It’s not unreasonable to assume that Hawklads anxieties and phobias will still be here in a years time. If so then our lockdown will still be in place in March 2022. That would make it TWO years. TWO years. Maybe that is what the clouds are telling me. There is a storm coming. A long protracted one.

45 thoughts on “Terminator

  1. A Polar bear, or Falcor, the flying dog dragon, from the movie The Never Ending Story. I wonder, if that is what is being attempted, to turn all of this into a never ending story of lock downs and fear. Be safe..

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  2. Truth be told:
    If you want guilt look to the 👈 PAST.
    If fear is your poison then look to the 👉 FUTURE.
    Only if you want to glean some peace and joy and all the good things in life, then linger a while in the here and the 👇 NOW.

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  3. I really hope that isn’t the case. Try to stick with what’s happening now, which is really hard to do I know. Cloud watching sounds such a fun activity. I’m going to take part too xxx

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  4. First thing I saw was a big dog,, but polar bear works too. I play the cloud game all the time too. Finally cleaned my windows to my satisfaction yesterday, so what happens…down pissing rain…you can’t win!

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  5. I love cloud watching – that’s a wonderful photo btw

    I hope Hawklad receives the help and support he needs to overcome his stress and anxiety. Two years is a very long time. I hope it won’t be anywhere near that long. Life can surprise us at times. I’m hoping for some pleasant and positive surprises for you both.

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  6. It’s obviously Falkor, who is “Luck Dragon” if you recall. It means you will have good luck!🍀🥳💃🏼

    Cloud watching is the perfect way to spend time. I’m always looking for, or usually just seeing, things in the clouds.
    We have zero clouds today so I can’t play☹
    Wonky weather… supposed to be 30°C today🙄… it was 16°C just 2 days ago.

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  7. I am hoping and praying all the best, my friend. In the here and now, remember one day at a time and enjoy your cloud game. Such easy fun! ❤

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  8. Your cooking expedites have stayed with me. Here’s hoping the flavour turns out as expected and this is one of many clear skies and no storms.

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