So two days after my first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and alright. Didn’t feel much on Friday apart from a little prick but hey what’s new… Yesterday I felt a bit achy. Had a two hour spell where I felt really hot (that’s so not me….). As if I was going down with something but that ebbed away. So currently it’s been ok.

What’s not ok is the mixed messages. The medics are telling me that until I get the second vaccine then any protection may be limited. Even after the second shot I will still pose a risk to others. I can still carry and spread Covid. The vaccines may only provide up to 50% protection against spreading it to others. So it’s vital I stick to social distancing and wear masks for the foreseeable future. YET this morning I heard a government minister say that when you get the shot you are covered. As soon as lockdown eases get out to pubs, to the cinema, to the stadiums and most importantly to the office. By June the minister said we would be back to normal.

Then our really hard working PM. A fine man, who is honest, much admired, never corrupt, never racist, never sexist and most certainly never a self absorbed git…. Most definitely never a someone who has an affair with someone and then gives his lover £126000 of public money. Anyway that pillock was unbelievably working at the weekend and talking. Apparently now was the time to stop home working and get back into the office. Office’s and public transport are completely safe. “Time to stop the DAYS OFF…….” I heard someone in the Government use the term HOLIDAYS….

Do they know 126,000 people have died so far from this pandemic. Days Off and Holidays are the most distasteful terminology to use but it just sums them up. Staggeringly people are still prepared to back them. So what do I know….

Anyway again it’s mixed messages. The Government are telling people offices and schools are perfectly safe. We are soon going to be back to normal. No need to change anything. YET their very own scientific advisers are warning that we are in this for the long run. The vaccine programme is only a part of what is needed. They are warning of the need for long term social distancing. They are calling for places like schools, offices and trains to be fundamentally improved. To make them safer and better placed to work safely during a pandemic (and after). Better ventilation and more space have to be built into them urgently.


47 thoughts on “Mix messages

  1. If the world can learn anything from the U.S. with 500,000 plus deaths…Listen to the science over politics. For your own safety as well as others. Everyone wants normal back so desperately they are in denial of the science and that is as much a threat as the virus.

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  2. Where is the common sense? Everyone knows, or should know, that schools and office buildings are the biggest kootie factories! Everyone packed together breathing recycled air… 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Maybe Everyone should just do the opposite of whatever BoJo says🤔

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  3. Got my Pfizer shot on Thursday. Felt not even a pinprick. Friday fantastic. Saturday, dizzy, and feeling exhausted. Sunday (Doneday? ) can barely move. Joints all ache. Arm hurting where I got the shot. Less energy that a protonless electron. Fell asleep writing on my tablet. Headache the size of Manhatten. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…
    And five to ten inches of snow to whitewash all the government bullshit by time the sun comes out tomorrow. If it does. Hooray for Spring.

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  4. Rather insulting language really. I have been working from home throughout and have been working harder and longer hours than ever before.

    This government is utterly devoid of creative thinking. Everything has to be exactly like it was… it is the conservative way. Perhaps we should re-engineer out town centres, develop nice accommodations in commercial offices that will never be occupied again (Santander for example). Create small urban housing communities in commercial districts… urban villages, to breathe life back into our cities. The old way is not the only way. I loathe these pillocks.

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  5. its very confusing here as well. I am almost resentful at this point. i was pushed to get the vaccine and feel that although i was not sick the entire pandemic, i became more sickly afterwards- i had a bad flu in between both shots( requiring Covid testing and even more time off-unpaid) and then the sudden heart issue. I cant prove it was vaccine related but it is truly ironic. Still, i did my duty and took the risk so that the data could be collected either way and we could hopefully turn the corner. Now ,After missing so much work time related to all of it ,and now drowning in debt from hospitalization of which only 30% was paid for by insurance, our agency states we are “expected” to get the flu shot , and even though the CDC has relaxed some of the restrictions, we are required to continue masking, social distancing and just about everything else.I’m feeling like “what was the point?”i guess i am just sick to death of all of it and wanting to get back to normal. Yet one day i hear it’s getting safer, the next we are all doomed and the restrictions keep getting pushed out longer and longer…grrrr

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  6. the lack of communication and the amount of diff opinions drive me crazy too 🤔😒 I’m not sure if they are there, inside of the government/political and medical structures, agrees with each other… so I guess “mixed messages” all we can expect this spring/summer.

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  7. I don’t think the virus will ever go away, but we have to learn to live with it like we do with ‘flu and the common cold. The economy cannot stay closed forever. Perhaps with time it will be normal to wear masks all the time outside the home.

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  8. Indeed, very mixed messages. Here too. But people seem to interpret things in whatever way suits them, so over here, it means “getting back to normal” (whatever the hell that is). It’s not the way I read it at all. Still, I guess vaccine is at least better than nothing…

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  9. As Kim said, it is the same here. They encourage people to get back to “normal”, whatever that is, yet the scientists are saying, “Whoa … not so fast”. It just makes sense that even once fully vaccinated, you can still carry the germ … on things you touch or breathe on. The immunity is only for the one(s) vaccinated. Here, about 1/3 of the people say they will refuse the vaccine, mostly under-educated who have fallen for the conspiracy theories put forth by … well, you know. I’ve concluded that this pandemic will likely outlive me and I’m not even sure I care anymore. Sigh. xx

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