Taking just a few moments to breathe. To enjoy what is close by. The beauty in life. The simple things.

A report on the news was talking about the UK Covid vaccine strategy. Currently no plans to extend shots to the under 18s. A child vaccine might be licensed after Autumn in some other countries. Again there are no plans to roll that out in the UK.

Ok so unless there is a real shift in the trajectory of the virus then we are on effective lockdown for the rest of the year.

That makes seeking out those moments to breathe even more important. If that means getting on my hands and knees, then so be it. Needs must.

29 thoughts on “Needs must

  1. Such pretty flowers. I was rejoicing yesterday that some tulips had begun to push through. This morning they have been chewed off to ground level by the deer. But the poor things have nothing else to eat, so they are welcome.

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  2. Yeah… sometimes the Big Picture isn’t very pleasing, and it’s better to go macro.
    Annnnd… since we’re both good a falling over, might as well enjoy the view🤣🤣
    Hang in there. Tomorrow is around a corner… can’t see it til we get there😉

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