I’ve been trying to practice yoga and tai chi for months now. I diligently watch and follow the videos. All the really glossy and professional videos. I was trying again this morning. Following the instructor through her perfect routine. Even her dog sits beside her perfectly. Never moving. In the background the gentle sound of peaceful music. Perfect.

Meanwhile in deepest Yorkshire.

A muppet is seamlessly moving from one body creak to the next groan. Losing balance and crashing into furniture. Constantly fearing my pants are going to split under the galactic pressure being exerted on them. Every time I hit the ground a mad dog instantly leaps on me and I replay the Bill Murray Ghostbusters scene – I’VE BEEN SLIMED. And no gentle sound of peaceful music here. Rather the sound of derision and laughter….

What on earth are you doing Dad”

“If this was on TV it would be banned”

“You look a right sight

Funnier than a Will Ferrell movie

Say that again Dad. Golden Rooster. More like drunken Pigeon

Are you supposed to be balancing on one leg or head butting the wall

My Dad has turned into Homer Simpson”

Please never do this when any of my friends visit”

Your just embarrassing yourself now”

Technically speaking this probably means that I still have a long way to go on my spiritual exercise journey. Or more likely …. time to get the mega pack of biscuits out and vegetate.

41 thoughts on “Vegetate

      1. Ahah I can imagine that would be the same with my childhood dog! He would have had a field trip fighting me whilst doing my yoga ahah! Yes that sounds great 🙂 I haven’t committed to that yet!

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  1. Come on now chuck, you know you want to start belly dancing as your new hobby. For at least it’s upright and more playful. 💃 🕺 💃 It isn’t just for women, seriously give it a go. 🕺

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  2. It’s a process, like anything rewarding, right? Or comic relief if nothing else. My sons usually crack up if they walk in on my yoga sessions…where’s the privacy, btw? I’ve started Adrienne’s 30 days and am on day 7 today after a long long break. I’m creaky and crunchy right there with you! 💛

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