How bad must I be at table tennis if I managed to hit one ping pong ball out of the garden. Bearing in mind the next garden is about 5 yards behind where we had placed the table. AND there is an 8 ft hedge in the way as well..

Seriously this ball was travelling with such a trajectory that NASA gave it a spacecraft name and it had to re-enter the earths atmosphere on its way down….

Dad, REALLY…….”


Dad are you going to get that ball from next doors then”

Yes I am

I’m really worried. Some of my genes came from you”

One or two. You know who to blame if you get a hairy backside.

“Are you sure your not related to Homer Simpson….”

There is a striking resemblance. Especially from side on… Homer is way better looking and shades the intelligence

If I ever get a DNA test it’s going to show 25% English, 15% Welsh, 10% German and 50% muppet…..”

And 0% table tennis star.

46 thoughts on “Star

      1. Lol. You are too kind. Me and sports of any kind are just an ill-fated pairing at best. Thank you, though. Yes, I am continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Hope you and Hawklad are doing well, too.


  1. That’s too funny! πŸ™‚ I have been thinking of Homer Simpson lately myself when he puts the clown pants on for the first time and Krusty just yells, “They’re supposed to be baggy!” I hear Krusty every time I put on a pair of pants! πŸ™‚

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