Last of the sun. The sun setting. Setting on a dangerously messed up country.

Thought for the day.

A member of the UK Government resigned yesterday over broken promises. His description of the Government is enlightening bearing in mind that these things are usually framed in very polite and respectful language. Respectfully he described Boris Johnson’s Government as a “Cesspit” and “the most distrustful and awful environment” he had ever worked in.

My mind goes back to the brilliant tweet one brave official released from the official UK Government Civil Service account.

“Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work for these truth twisters…..

Remember back when BBC News was a respected, independent agency. A highly respected BBC journalist (Eddie Mair) interviewed Johnson before he became our leader. An interview that the BBC has buried. It ended with the respected journalist concluding

Making up quotes., lying to your party leader, wanting to be part of someone being physically assualted – you’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you

And people still will vote for them….

Staggering and frightening.

22 thoughts on “Sun setting

  1. It is. Equally frightening was that so many people here voted for Trump and he would have won had he even tried and still those people idolize him. It is a frightening world and bewildering.

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      1. I refuse to be frightened of kitchen cleaning equipment [Mophead]. No one person will last forever and the saying Every dog has its day, means that these too will pass.

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      2. But worry boils no parsnips BABASP and is a thief of creativity. Now what was that saying? (rummage sound in a draw full of saying) Aha! I know: Something, something, create in times of destruction. Was it a woman called Maxine? (rummages in Google search) Yep, it was a Maxine.

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  2. When I’m bewildered trying to figure out what the appeal is, I remind myself to be thankful that I don’t understand. It means I haven’t lost my soul.

    I figure if I can understand them, I must be thinking like them. They seem to be without conscious or soul.

    Look at that pretty sky, and be thankful you don’t understand.💌💌💌💌

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