There are many things in life that I DON’T GET.

  • I don’t get U2
  • I don’t get Car hill Starts and reverse parking
  • I don’t get Beetroot or Cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts
  • I don’t get why Avatar was so popular and I certainly don’t get why you would start to make several sequels of it
  • I don’t get sewing
  • I don’t get why parents don’t get daily free chocolate as a pick me up
  • I don’t get why Captain Scarlett never ended up being as big as The Thunderbirds
  • I don’t get rhubard
  • I don’t get why the brilliant Stephen Fry has never been cast as James Bond
  • I don’t get baking
  • I don’t get how Princess Leia could suddenly fly in space
  • I don’t get why William Shatner never followed Ronald Reagan into the Whitehouse
  • I don’t get Brexit
  • I don’t get why anyone would vote for a political party led by Boris Johnson
  • I don’t get why DC never used the hit song Holding out for a Hero as the theme for Superman
  • I don’t get how people can read the 1000 odd pages of Stephen Kings ‘IT’ and honestly claim they have the faintest idea what is going on
  • I don’t get why how Alvin and the Chipmunks gets multiple movies yet the Penguins of Madagascar only get a solitary one
  • I don’t get Pop Tarts
  • And I certainly don’t get why a supermarket gluten free bread loaf is half the size and 6 times the price of a standard loaf

But I do get somethings. I get beauty when I see it. I definitely get why I stopped the car in this lane to take this photograph.

106 thoughts on “I don’t get….

  1. 😄 Thank you on several of these, especially Avatar. My husband likes it, so I have learned to tolerate. But, I just don’t get it. Also, yes, why so much Alvin and so little Penguins??

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  2. That is a lane that would be perfect for a stroll! The sky is always worth stopping for!

    I don’t get sprouts or Rhubarb or many of the other things on your list either, but Avatar is a good movie and I’ll thumb wrestle anyone who disagrees😝
    Definitely need more penguins and zero chipmunks!💌💌💌

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  3. I recently discovered cauliflower with spices such as cumin – roasted cauliflower and spices is taking me to exciting places – in a culinary context of course!…

    ….but all of your other points are very important indeed!! Especially the one about the Penguins of Madagascar!!

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  4. Here’s a few mild things I don’t get:
    Jazz. 🎷
    Maths and people who actually like maths.
    Waking up before dawn to go for a run.
    Going for a run. 🏃‍♀️
    Jogging at walking speed, I mean “Jogging” in itself just isn’t right, right?
    Why some don’t just buy themselves a stash of yummy treats 🍫 as a daily pick me up or buy the flowers they like the look of. 💐
    Those who search for perfection or wait for the perfect day to use that thing they’ve been saving to use. 🍸
    Doing things according to priorities on a day off.
    But I totally get:
    Crisp sandwiches with a mug of Tizer.

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  5. I dont understand mayonnaise, or potato salad. I dont understand why gluten free food is so expensive yet so limited. I dont understand why people choose to make others feel bad. I dont understand much
    Thank you for this post. Uplifting yet so true ahah!
    Haven’t seen penguins of madagascar but think I’m going to have to now lol

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  6. Love your list, and where do you come up with these clever posts? Let’s see never was into Avatar. I do not get pop tarts.. Just full of sugar and they made me sick once, lol. I do agree with you on stopping the car for a beautiful photo. Guilty of that my friend. I’m still sm long and giggling like a little girl over this post.😂

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  7. I would love chocolate as a daily pick me up! Really interesting read, as I feel we all are realizing everyday there’s less and less we understand.. I am a first time reader, and I want to say, I am sorry for your loss, and wish you well in navigating all you must and all you want to.
    Stay Safe&Smart

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