Some words you won’t here the UK’s dodgy Prime Minister say.


I did lie,

Yes I have had multiple affairs in office,

I did give a former lover thousands in public funds,

Yes I did publicly say that Brexit would be a massive mistake,

I did say that I would never ever agree to the Brexit Irish Sea border just a few months before I agreed to it,

My middle names do include de Pfeffel

I resign,

I did say that…..

Unfortunately he has said some words. Some bad words. Some very bad words. When resisting calls for another lockdown our loveable caring leader said “well let the bodies pile high”. Arguably the worst words ever said by a serving Prime Minister. Any of one of our previous leaders would have resigned in disgrace. Not Boris Johnson. Another disaster he believes he can bluster out of. First deny he said that. Well that failed, multiple witnesses confirm that he was lying again. So let’s get my friends to help.

But just one word makes such a difference.

As multiple news agencies confirmed the wording the BBC decides to change one word. That’s the once independent BBC News Service whose two bosses are now friends of Boris Johnson. Even they had to confirm the story eventually but suddenly the Johnson quote was changed. Just one word but it made the needed difference. It became ‘the bodies COULD pile up’.

Just one word changes everything. Just like Johnson changing ‘I won’t resign’ to ‘I will resign’ – just one word makes all the difference.

62 thoughts on “One Word

  1. If he is going to be made to resign for anything its not going to be for that quote, the decite, the corruption within the government, Its going to be because he gave the nod for the go ahead for the superleague.

    You can kill as many people as you want, but screw with the football and christ do people get pissy

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      1. I saw that, its the whole vaccine, people are buying it and forgetting everything else. We could have been out of this last year, without a vaccine, if they had done things, like not encouraged everyone to go out for dinner, not allowed holidays, not kept the schools open, Chetlenham was madness

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      2. I worry that those in charge have not learned anything. Are numbers have fallen but not been eliminated. In fact in many areas the fall has stopped and it’s slowly rising again with mutations. That’s while we are still under partial lockdown

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  2. Trump is STILL telling people the election was rigged. And they believe him. BoJo won’t resign. I don’t know if your government has a way to remove him, but I doubt that would happen either.
    There are too many people in UK, just like the Trump supporters here, who think these guys are absolutely right.

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  3. “well let the bodies pile high”. This hasn’t been verified yet though has it? That’s not me being naive or defending the clown either …. but Trump said way worse in his term.

    I am no big fan of Bojo and sure he has made some whoppers and bloopers in office but so before him have both Tory and Labour governments alike, not one government has ever truly got it right for the people – not one.

    But did he say that as it is? There is always cross contamination in most stories and Chinese Whispers and Musical Chairs – how was it said? What was the context? Did Bojo say it? Probably – and is it acceptable? No, but l have read, seen and heard worse.

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      1. I agree his track record can at times speak volumes, but this is still a conversation – that ‘may’ have transpired back in October of last year and l think context is still something that should be taken into consideration….

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      2. Context is a pathological liar, who has been repeatedly sacked for lying. A man happy to get others to pay for£850 a roll wallpaper while he offered NYSE’s 1% pay rises. A man who was against free meals for the poorest children in our country. He’s a modern day Nero and his comments tell us everything about what his view is on life.

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      3. I see you feel quite strongly about this 🙂

        Boris Johnson is far from perfect l don’t deny that – but we have had PM’s like this in the past as in liars all – Jeremy Corbyn, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, James Callaghan, Tony Cameron, John Major – the list is bloody endless Gary.

        Not one PM from either party over who knows how many years has been idea – they have faced hardships, obstacles, crisis, disasters and they either come out of it well or not. Liars ha, l remember a so called WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction that never was and yet that lie took our country to war,

        Let’s look at Tony Bloody Cameron – who self designed a crisis called Brexit – a crisis that started to divide a country.

        I grant you that Boris has a lot to answer for but context is everything – it shapes conversations … liars shape behaviours with people and people’s belief in behaviours with people.

        This isn’t about Bojo’s previous endeavours, this is about the context in which that statement was made or not made, how it was made and in which capacity was it made?

        The problem with today’s world in written form, social media content, repeated content is that things are always taken out of context – l can make innocent errors if l have misplaced a comma or l can upset someone with at times a straggling comment – we all do it.

        Sure he is PM, and his loose tongue has landed him in hot water many a time, too many – but it would still come down to how something was said at the time versus how it appears to be delivered.

        In 2016 Trump was also branded a modern day Nero gearing up to destroy America … a strange emperor was Nero a tyrant and good and bad and murderous all in one breath – l studied his behaviours and political reign in school …

        I vote green for a reason and sadly this country doesn’t seem to be able to produce quality candidates for either of the parties. I vote when l have to where l have to so as to not lose my right to a freedom of political speech even though l am clueless to human politics and find the whole thing quite boring.

        But l do agree with you on many fronts Gary – Bojo is a clown


      4. It’s sad as actually this has moved beyond politics. I could happily vote for the likes of John Major. But we are moving ever increasingly to a precipice. Our politics has turned ugly and corrupt and very dangerous. Once we cross that line then it’s a slippery slope to a very bleak future

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      5. Politics has always been dangerous , l will tell you something that is straight forwards and simple … l don’t trust any of them … a candidate many years ago for the Conservative party once told me – the secret to success is to 1] lie about everything, 2] Deny everything and 3] no fact is ever truth … l was appalled at that and that man said l was being naive … that man running for conservative power at the time was my father … since then l trust no one.

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