We live at the very edge of the hills around here. Never high. No way mountainous. But definitely hilly. No flat bits really. Yet being on the edge, just a few moments later you can find yourself in the flat lands. Mile after mile of exercise heaven. No slopes….

When life opens up again for me I should really jog here, not in those pesky hills.

I did that age thing today. I was doing my daily workout. It was going well. Really well. Towards the end I started messing about. Doing some serious exercise moves. Lifting some silly weights. Really pushing myself. Pushing my body like it’s still was 25…

It’s most certainly is not these days.

It’s the wrong side of 50. Well definitely the wrong side in terms of physique. It feels a few too many days like ‘I’ve used this body up now, can I have a new one please’. Yet I still push it. There are reasons but sometimes it does feel like I just forget my age. Still think I’m a lot younger. When the penny does drop sometimes it does hit home.

With exercise, age has changed me. I am definitely a little slower at running. I have to push way to hard to get close to the times I would get 30 years ago. A little more injury prone. But then I’m actually stronger now. Never lifted heavier or done more reps. It’s not about limiting myself, it’s more about making adjustments. Changing the balance.

Here’s the thing, being older can be good in some ways. I wish I knew a fraction about life when I was 25 that I do now. I certainly know the value of time and the importance in trying to live life to the full. For the first time I truly understand who I am and what is truly important to me. I would hope I’m a better, more rounded person. I can still dream, dream well. I just need to get better at sometimes being a little more realistic with those dreams, certainly as the years hopefully wrack up. Dream and aspire definitely yes but maybe some things need to get assigned to pipe dream status, leave them for other people to fulfill.

37 thoughts on “Age

  1. Very wise! I agree with you. I am old enough now to not push injury either. Even five years ago I would have said, “Nah – I’m going to push through this pain.” I am wiser now and just stop.

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  2. Hah. I also pushed my new exercise routine a bit far and paid for it. Wisdom comes from our life experience and it is bound to be different for everyone. That’s why Hawklad needs to listen to lots of old people!!!! By the way….you are still young. They tell me 50 is the new 30. Too bad you don’t get the 30 year old body with that!

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  3. We may not always achieve to realize the entire dream but the bigger you dream the more dream you can realize … so don’t you dare to restrict the size of your dreams 🤨😂

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  4. I feel I have left it very late… I am the wrong side of 55 and started jogging in March, having not run since I left school. I have played 5aside football most of my life, but have taken up jogging because I can’t play football at the moment and wasn’t doing any exercise. Got up to 4.5k yesterday, hoping to crack 5k within 2 weeks. Lots of hills here in Bristol too.

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  5. I agree with Erika, “Don’t you dare restrict your dreams!”

    Injuries do take longer to recover from, I have noticed. It’s very frustrating isn’t it?!
    I honestly feel better about myself at 53 than I did at 25. I feel like all the previous years were to learn what I needed to learn, and now it’s time to spend the next 50 years having fun!😉


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  6. Beautiful said. But I believe that dreams don’t always have to be realistic because those are the ones that make us forget for a bit how hard life is and gives us a moment of joy to escape. . It’s hard to explain what I mean. 😔

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