As part of the long process of helping Hawklad building bridges back to the wider world, we ventured out in the car. Further this time. In to the city. To get a take out burger.

All went well until we hit the city. More car, more people. Even though he was in the safety of the car he was on edge but willing to push on.

Finally we arrived at the burger place. You will know the one. It’s got some whopper burgers. The plan was Hawklad to stay in the car while I ventured out to get the takeout. As soon as I left the car Hawklad panicked. So plan B. The drive through. I’ve never tried one of those but they seem super cool in the movies.

We joined the queue of cars and and snaked our way towards the intercom. With excitement we finally made it to the marked intercom bay.

I started to patiently wait for the helpful voice.

Dad what are you waiting for.”

I’m waiting for the person to speak to me,

Dad you don’t wait you just say the order out. Come on Dad the cars behind will start to get annoyed”

####Pants so I blurted out the order. NOTHING. Is that it. Do I drive off now####

Dad they didn’t hear you, shout the order louder”

#### So I did, really loud this time. This time Hawklad got the giggles####

Dad you are a muppet”

####And suddenly the intercom whirled into life – ‘afternoon can I take your order’.####

I’m definitely going round the bend.

68 thoughts on “Going round the bend

      1. You’re welcome. Yes, finding reasons to smile today. It’s very pretty out. I have been making my front yard pretty with flowers. 🙂

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      1. I honestly can’t remember the first time I went through a drive through, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere either in my teens or early twenties. I happen to remember being around 24 and moving to Florida to work for the winter, and discovering a drive up window at a liquor store where you could get a mixed drink or buy cans of beer or bottles of alcohol. But of course it was illegal to drink and drive. (The odd things we remember).

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  1. I guess Americans are dumbfounded that you’ve never done a drive-thru. We forget that you Brits don’t live in your cars the way we do.

    I’m loving that Hawklad was able to make jokes to ease his anxiety. We ALL wait for the intercom to come to life, don’t feel bad😉😂😂😂

    Definitely a good day! And a stunning photo!

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  2. I would struggle with drive thrus and I don’t mean because of me being deaf. I remember going through one as a hearing person, with someone who drove the car and from observing, I definitely would have had issues.

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  3. Hey, those speaker things can be super slow coming to life, and sometimes they’re so quiet who knows if they’ve said anything! Still, you two got out, and he was cool talking from his distance. That’s a Plan B win! Yay! We’re doing well here in our rural town, where everyone’s pretty spread out anyway. When we did go into the big city (aka, Milwaukee) to see the newest member of the family get baptized, Blondie very much kept to herself. Biff, on the other hand, was determined to attack the church’s drum set.

    We all survived. 🙂

    Hugs to you both from Wisconsin!

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