A British bank holiday and its chucked it down. This is not today. This is today….

Not really perfect outdoor table tennis conditions.

We played footy in the garden, in the rain. Great fun. Then I noticed something. Maybe it’s the effects getting older. Hawklad took a shot heading towards the top corner of our goal. A cat like goalkeeper launched himself to tip the ball over the bar. I landed. And wow did I land …. Gravity was definitely working well. It didn’t hurt but here’s the thing. Years ago as a goalkeeper I never dented the ground on any of my dives. Today I did. A huge indent in the lawn. Think ‘The Great Rift Valley’. Maybe I should stick to table tennis.😂😂😂😂

34 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. I don’t know the Great Rift Valley… is it like the Grand Canyon?

    I lost my balance just walking, and fell against the wall and my butt put a dent in the drywall. I have pictures to prove it.😂

    Gravity sucks!💌💌💌

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  2. Well isn’t it a rule in England that it has to rain on a bank holiday? And as for the hole in the ground, I am sure it was because of the mud making it soft and more giving…..

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