Britain is getting back to NORMAL. That’s what our so called Prime Minister tells us under his still to be combed hair. It was also confirmed by our postman. Apparently this week, three kind souls have either sneezed or coughed over the postie without bothering to cover their mouths – never mind them not wearing masks. With a shrug of the shoulders the postman sadly left with the comment ‘back to normal then’…..

Here’s the thing. Was the old normal that good…..

Surely we should be aiming for something better than just going back to the old normal.

It’s not as if the last year has just been a little blip in the world. We have gone through something which is of historic significance. It has changed so many things. So many have suffered. So much has been lost. Surely with something this significant there should be changes. Some enforced by life but surely some changes should be driven by us. Driven by us to make the world and our life’s BETTER. Not just being happy with the old normal.

74 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Yeah, the “old normal” wasn’t all that great. Lockdown showed how things could be done differently. People came up with innovative solutions, and now they want to chuck it all? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    Ripples… lots and LOTS of ripples!

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  2. That phrase has been annoying me almost since the beginning of this horrific pandemic. I’d like to think we learned a thing or two, like what really matters in life, and that’s people not things!

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  3. There’s an old Finnish saying ‘Don’t lick before it drops!’, may be someone should tell that to Mr. Johnson. We’re still living such sad times that this should be remembered somehow for a long time. I don’t believe we’ll go ‘back to normal’, thou this warm weather we’ve been having makes people more careless with their lives and they’re acting like nothing is going on. We’ll see!

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  4. Next week our state our state starts to go back to normal and then on June 11th we are completely back – no limits on anything. There were definitely some benefits we learned during the pandemic. I just hope people that choose to continue to live that way are not shamed.

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      1. And now that the CDC is saying you don’t have to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated – how many unvaccinated people who are anti-vaccine are really going to comply with still wearing a mask?

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      1. Truly sad. I am sorry your leader is not impressive nor managing the Covid situation better for all. Take care and hopefully at the next elections, a better leader can arise.

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  5. The thought of “going back to normal” sounds very odd. As you said, too much has happened and changed. Whatever normal means is a new way of living life. Maybe we appreciate the so-called “normal” things which we took for granted a lot more. But just flipping a switch and we continue where we stopped in March 2020 won’t work.

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  6. Totally agree, Gary. There was nothing special about how things were pre-Covid and this past year should have been an eye-opener. Actually, it was and I for one didn’t much like what I saw.

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  7. You are so right. There’s no going back to normal. Things have changed. I suppose if some want to go backwards that’s their choice, but forwards sounds like the preferred direction to me. Forward we go! 🙂❤ I hope you’re smiling Superdad.

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  8. Surely this must have shown us so much that needs to be changed.. I reach out a lot more now than I used to do then at times I just nourish in the quite as all of this death reminds us how important life and rare moments of connection and togetherness are.. If we do not change then we calcify.. its that simple.

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