Somethings you can ignore and other things you simply can’t. You can can’t ignore how you are feeling but it’s very easy to ignore how someone else is feeling. You can ignore the ‘do not enter sign’ but you can’t ignore the large, foaming at the mouth guard dogs stood behind the sign. You can ignore a bit of rain but you can’t ignore a thunder storm. Well it’s not easy to anyway….

Last night was a massive, noisy storm which went on much of the night. No chance for sleep until the storm blew itself out, sadly well after dawn.

Hawklad received two emails from the same teacher this week. Both saying effectively the same thing. The teacher couldn’t open the work files Hawklad had submitted this week. In addition the teacher moaned about where he had saved the files.


Well here’s the issues which kinda made me reply in a slightly tetchy manner to this teacher. First of all these are the first communications Hawklad has had with this teacher in over a year. Secondly he is saving the files in the same way he does for all the other subjects. Thirdly Hawklad has been diligently saving all the work and homework for this teacher for over a year in exactly the same way, in exactly the same format and in exactly the same location – all in line with school instructions. Fourthly Hawklad has never had any feedback, marks or comments about any piece of work submitted to this teacher since a certain pandemic appeared. The only thing approaching feedback was a couple of random assessment numbers appearing on the quarterly school report. Numbers which unlike other subjects have never changed.

Call me cynical but I don’t think the teacher has looked at any of Hawklads work until this week. Ok class work may not always be marked but surely homework should be marked. Marked and feedback provided.

But I guess you can ignore some things.

79 thoughts on “Can’t ignore it

  1. This pandemic has given people an easy way out of don’t things they don’t want to do. This is why it is so hard to learn online. I had a granddaughter start college during the pandemic and has had similar experiences with professors. I hope things change soon.

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  2. How immensely frustrating!! Nothing worse than you (your kid) pulling their weight, only to have it dismissed for whatever stupid reason…”Covid”, “Didn’t receive” (BS). LAZINESS and lack of care is what this sounds like to me. This should be addressed to someone with some authority. Sorry you’re going through this crap. Really makes me fume

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      1. Understandable, considering the amount of pushback you’ve received in the past. But fighting the good fight is never wasted time, even if you don’t receive your intended result. You’re likely planting seeds, that will hopefully sprout sometime in the future, maybe not for your child, but perhaps those to come 🙂

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  3. Sounds like this teacher might have a troubled home life and that is having a negative effect on his ability to do their homework. The teacher seems to set low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. I wonder what their school report looked like.

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      1. Th’knowz teachers get a set o pre-written report ideas off t’Internet, n just churn out mix n match to pigeonhole bairns. It’s hoops for teachers to jump through t’ get paid. There’s nowt actually good belongs reading ’em, but they do make gran fire lighters. 👍

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  4. Oh. My. Goodness! I want to scream to this so-called school to get its act together and remind these teachers why they hopefully got into teaching in the first place-to care about their students! Grrr. I would be reporting this straight away. I am so sorry for all you and Hawklad are dealing with.

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  5. I’d say the teacher gets a failing grade. Maybe the teacher needs some of that Victorian Discipline.

    I can understand overlooking an absent pupil, to a point. But to harsh that pupil when the teacher is at fault?? NOPE!! I’d go “Mama Bear” on that nonsense. Can’t ignore a Mama Bear😉

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  6. I think I’d be feeling a whole more that “tetchy”. It makes me growl and I’m not Hawklad’s parent! What a disservice this teacher is doing (and that’s being ultra polite). I’m so sorry Gary, it’s got to be beyond frustrating.

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  7. I absolutely would mention that to the teacher. Put it back on them. You don’t even have to get mean, just mention that “Well, he’s been doing that same way this whole time. So why haven’t you mentioned something about this before”? Homework should be marked and given feedback asap. I thought homework was part of the way that teachers would know if students are on the right track? How are these teachers making sure their students are learning?

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    1. I’m not a teacher by the way, my partner is though, lol. Although he gets annoyed with his Principal for putting extra things on them. Like they’re the only school in the state where teachers have to have lessons up two weeks ahead of time. It has actually made things run more smoother, which he has now admitted too, lol. Especially when his sick, he doesn’t have to come up with something for the substitute teachers. But…yeah, that’s s crap teacher, lol

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  8. The CDC says this stuff is NOT transmissible via touching things so print the stuff off, make a copy and mail it to her. With dates and via certified letter. This virtual schooling is pretty ridiculous. Kids are falling behind, teachers don’t know which end is up, it’s nuts.

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      1. They also said it can hover in the air up to 72 hours. It can defy gravity, Can’t get thru Walmart’s doors somehow, and protestors make it stay away. I believe the CDC.

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