About 2 years ago I remember worrying about what would happen to my country if we were ever stupid enough to elect a narcissistic sociopath as Prime Minister. Our rules and checks are just not designed for that level of stress testing. They were designed for much different times, with mouth different moral codes.

Then we elected Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

We were clearly that STUPID……

Let’s just watch the freedoms drip away …….

I don’t want to write about this stuff. I really don’t. But every week I end up writing more and more about what is happening to my country…. It just keeps coming.

One of the most respected journalists in our country has wrote the following words…. “No 10 (Johnson) is trying to control the media, everyone in our democracy should be afraid”.

Today a member of Johnson’s Government was talking about museums. He said that the Government had the right to tell Museums what they can and can’t display in their exhibits…..

This is on top of exerting increased control over what schools and colleges can teach and what materials they can select from.

On top of putting friends in charge of the BBC, Johnson is increasingly positioning trusted supporters as heads of once independent watchdogs.

Yes there have been investigations into him and his government but here’s the problem. Most of these independent investigations have rules that mean that they report only to the Prime Minister. And guess what, Johnson has rejected their findings.

Our Government structures were never designed for someone like Johnson. Sadly my fears are playing out in front of my eyes.

46 thoughts on “Slippery slope?

  1. We have the same problem in Canada. They walk all over the law in order to take away our freedoms at the same time they make up new laws that give them more and more rights to keep on taking away our freedoms. We are expecting an election to be called any time, but even there they are keeping us in suspense. And there is no guarantee that the people won’t again act as stupidly as in the last 2 elections and re-elect this evil government. Even if they don’t, it’s a toss-up as to whether the state of our nation can even be partially turned around now with the debt that has skyrocketed over the past half-dozen years. And the problem is, there seems to be less and less difference between Liberals and Conservatives. It’s a scary world we live in today.

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      1. A friend sent me something the other day that is so true. It said that if you allow the government to break the law in an emergency, they will always create an emergency so they can continue to break the law. Pretty well right on.

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      1. Its just … I have no words! The fact that people want to vote him as well. I don’t think your Labor Minister is any better. It might be time that the whole “two party” system is dead really.


    1. I’m just watching through the bit from 23:50 on and at the bit she says “Some of them are relatives” I’m laughing again. Thing is, someone had to have voted for 🧹 Mop Head, right?

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      1. Maybe there is no one person who can sort out this mess, maybe I’ve put a lot of blame onto that one Mop Head and a lot of my mess is in here (points to my head). I might need to work on my prejedis, pregidis, prejadis, predgedis, (come on, not the spelling fail again!) intense dislike of Smeeeeg Head. Anyways, good job I had your prompt this morning to have another glimpse at “The Work” before I face this day. I’m going to Google to check out that word and it is: Prejudice (really? pre~ju~dice is going to be easier to remember now I see it in 3 parts and visualise it).
        Thank you BABASP
        ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎

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  2. This morning, at random, my iPhone selected a BBC news item about modern nuclear weapons. He read the piece as one might read a horror story and it made me think that it was deliberate, an attempt to scare people. Maybe all of what we see from Western Governments is their attempt to control the increasingly numerous masses. I can hear them saying “keep ’em scared and distracted”. This past year has taught me not to believe anything I read or hear and I find the world a very confusing place. These governments may live to regret their contemptible behavior. They all belong in jail.

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  3. It’s not just Johnson, though, is it? The whole tory party has morphed into a bunch of authoritarian populists. And with Labour too scared to express an opinion — about anything — it will be a long time before the constitution can re-assert itself.

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