As of last Monday the Government withdraw the instructions relating to wearing masks in schools. Masks are now not recommended for use in classrooms and communal areas. But they are still required in school buses but masks are to be removed once the pupil enters school property. The official line is that schools are perfectly safe. This is contrary to the Government’s own scientific advice.

In unrelated news it has been revealed that the UK Government removed a page from this weeks Public Health Release which showed the extent to which new COVID variants are spreading at alarming rates in UK Schools. The draft report featured that data but the final approved version dropped that entire section. The official word is that data will be released at a later date. Some data was released late last night (very odd timing for Public Health) but with the key school data still missing.

So why the secrecy?

Is it because the data shows that the Governments own criteria for the ongoing easing of COVID restrictions have not been met.


Is it because the Government is sticking to its original discredited Herd Immunity strategy. This time doing it by stealth and using our children as the test subjects.

This is all starting to feel like an X-Files story line coming true.

45 thoughts on “Test subjects

  1. Oh God, I hope it’s not the second one – that they are using kids as targets to test herd immunity. But given that they are being so elusive about the data, it’s hard not to suspect them.

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    1. Thing is, Paranoia is the feeling that you’re being threatened in some way or acting against you, even though there’s no proof that it’s true. So, in a way, if there is proof, then there is a possibility that it is wisdom. What were those PM words “Let the bodies pile high”?


    1. Actually, science does support economic recovery…

      …provided measures to control community transmission are effective. That’s where most nations have fallen down. You only need to look how effective the 7 week lockdown in Aotearoa New Zealand was in march/April 2020. Yes it severely affected the economy over that short period, but since then it has been “business as usual” with the exception of of the tourism industry. Short term pain for long term gain, which is something most jurisdictions have been reluctant to implement, but it works!

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      1. Most sane people know the science doesn’t support anything except new outbreaks. But businesses don’t. And politicians are caving to business rather than science.

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      2. Initially many businesses in this country opposed lockdowns and the entire elimination strategy adopted by the NZ government, but only for a few months. Now almost every business recognises they would have been much worse off if we had pursued a strategy similar to the UK, US or Europe.

        New outbreaks rely on uncontrolled community transmission. If every nation had implemented effective lockdowns at the start of the pandemic, and implemented effective contact tracing and genome sequencing from the start (as NZ did) the world would not be in the pickle it has been over the last 15 months.

        Our government pursued the elimination strategy because economically (including the prevention of the collapse of the health system) it was the only viable option. I’ll concede that initially, the NZ lockdown was the most severe of any democratic nation, but the outcome speaks for itself: it was worth it.

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  2. That makes about as much sense as swimming in the ocean in January. Unbelievable! I tell you, if I was a parent in the U.K. there’s no way any child of mine would be going to school This is beyond reprehensible, it does seem to me that children are being used as guinea pigs. Ugh – this makes my rage boil over!


  3. Sadly too many are taking their constant sound bites at face value. They need seriously holding to account by someone somewhere. Who would ever have thought Cummings on Wednesday might be helpful!

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  4. yeah it was pretty much an overnight thing day i couldnt step foot inside any business without a mask and the next day, all the signs were down and no one was required. Some even have a sign up saying if you’re fully vaccinated you can enter without a mask- but NO ONE is checking anyones card..its bizarro.

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    1. ps..someone said “yeah we should laminate our cards because we may need them to get into places soon”. I said “no way- we will probably be required soon to get additional vaccines because of the variants , i’ll leave those extra lines free” – kind of like passport pages


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