Time marching on sometimes takes my breath away. The helpful iPad flashes up a message each day telling me what happened this week in years gone by.

Today it informed me that in this week Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield was released. Released in 1973……

1973 for pity sake. I can vaguely remember my older brother playing this on his hifi. Has it been out that long….. But here’s the thing. I like listening to the music but I’ve never owned it. Always had to listen to it on the radio or when others have played it.

Maybe when our own personal lockdown eases I will venture out into the second hand stores. The charity shops to see if I can find an original copy. Own it for the first time. That would be nice. Would feel kind of right.

In life some things seem just right. Very occasionally perfect. Those things give me direction. Give me hope. They always make me smile.

45 thoughts on “Tubular Bells

  1. 1973… hmmm… I was 5 years old. Spent my days taking care of my 2 year old brother🤪

    I recognize the very beginning of this music from The Exorcist, but I’ve never listed to the whole thing. I must correct that deficiency!

    2nd hand shop is a great idea! Or wait a couple years and they’ll release a 50 year anniversary special edition… with bonus tracks😂😂😂

    Keep dreaming… keep smiling!!

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  2. It seems to me that time really does speed up as I get older. The silver lining is that I savor it so much more than I once did. I am not familiar with this tune. Now I have to go look it up. Another popular tune from that year is “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye (just to add my two cents worth LOL)

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