A small patch of pink along a country lane. Not sure why it’s just in that one spot but very thankful for it.

I’m writing this at 3am and thinking about life. Sure about some things , so confused about other things. What is the purpose to all this. Is this where I’m supposed to be. Is this where I’m supposed to take root or am I still supposed to move. If I am moving, what direction is best. Am I seeing all the signposts.

We can view olidl,,,,,mmm:

I’m certainly not going to piece this all together tonight. How can I when I’m so tired and feeling beat up. But these days I am always feeling this way. So kinda stuck in life. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. This pink flower knows exactly why it’s here. You can see just

37 thoughts on “Pink

  1. I had one of those days today myself. Absolutely everything went wrong. Luckily, life keeps changing not only for the worse but for the better. You have been isolated with so much responsibility and worry. Those flowers were there to show you there is beauty in the worst of days.

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  2. Understand all too well, my friend. May God help us each to continue looking for the beauty in life, like these lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing them.

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      1. You’re welcome. Well, I have been in a busy season, some of it good, some not as much. Feeling pretty tired, truth be known. I haven’t even been able to read much on here on WordPress. But, I could not bypass your post. Really spoke to me. ❤


    1. Actually, 3 AM is the best time to solve these problems. Your ego is tired and in no mood to stop thoughts from racing in. Where are these thoughts coming from? Your inner self, what I call your spirit. You want to know what you want to do or where to go, or to just stay where you are, talk to your Self, the person you have been living with all your life. Your ego is an interloper, a Johnny- or Jill-come-lately. It is your spirit that knows the real you. Listen to her or him. He or she wants what is best for you. Your ego is like Trumpelstiltsorangeskin, only interest in him or herself. 3 AM is the best time. In my opinion, of course.

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      1. Questions need to be asked, or they won’t be answered. But maybe the answers won’t come when you want them. But they will come, so write down the questions when you ask them…

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  3. I hear myself in your words. So many questions we want answers. But we need to take steps to see what we see and what insights we get from them. Often it is not the answers that we need (although we want them impatiently) but the journey to go. The questions are only the motivator to keep us going… Oh, this life…

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      1. We do. It is interesting. I reread some books too and I discovered more again, understood things I must have overlooked before, or things put themselves together in another new way. It is interesting to compare how we grew and perceive things differently. I wonder if you experience that too 💖


  4. It’s 4:45AM here. She isn’t doing any pondering. She can barely think of what to comment. Maybe she over thought things yesterday and under slept. So, speaking in third person is the plan. One day all those mysterious and troubling questions will have answers. I think. *smirk * Stay out of the rain Superdad. ❤

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  5. Don’t make a decision, any decision, when you’re feeling the way you do. But you already know that. I’m at crossroads myself, I can read the signs and yet I cannot be sure what they mean. Like you, I go, Should I? Should I not? Peace came when I told God I won’t make a decision till the fog lifts clear. Even as we make enquiries and lay the groundwork, no taking the plunge till we can read the signs.
    If in the end even that turns out to be a No, then we will desist – and yet live to see and hope in another day.

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  6. Sigh. I can so relate to your thoughts. Not to the pink, though … pink’s gotta go! Gimme orange, yellow, purple, red … just not pink!!! Email me if you want to talk … I’m in the same rabbit hole, my friend. Hugs.

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