The walk with the mad dog is a lot more pleasant when it’s weather like this. Whisper it, I got a little sun burnt. Sun burnt in Yorkshire. That just sounds so wrong on so many levels.

Feeling a bit burnt by school. The big school year exams start on Monday. We still don’t know the actual timings. We don’t know which subjects are on which days. We don’t know the arrangements for Hawklad. We don’t even know if he is sitting the exams. This week school is closed. So I’m guessing it’s wait until first thing Monday and hope we hear something. If not, then I have no idea what will happen. It’s just a mess.

Nothing I can do at present so I might as well use my time more usefully. Go and find the sun cream. That’s sure to bring the rain back….

41 thoughts on “Sun burnt

  1. Whether the school gets back to you or not, I think you’ve done all you can. Maybe that’s why God gives us views like the absolutely gorgeous one in your photo above, to sweeten the wait and gentle our hearts.


  2. Oh, well, you are getting sunburned while being left outside in the rain. I hope all will turn out well for both the sunburn and the exams.


  3. Took on an extra shift to help fill a gap today. So that meant I missed out on all the good stuff about the sun 🌞 having to be indoors sucks… It was physically such hard work too and so the heat didn’t help. However, tomorrow is another day. I intend to have a little bit of fun in the countryside, before the rain comes as the local forecast says thunderstorms in the afternoon ⛈

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      1. If I don’t get enough fun delivered via the universe, I inevitable will swear under my breath and make some fun happen. 🐒 For that’s just the way I like to roll with it “Mwahahahaaar”


  4. I’m sorry…. 🤣😂🤣😂

    I’m sorry followed by laughter doesn’t seem right. It’s the other stuff you said. I am sorry about the school stuff. I have to wait for my sun cream to arrive. Actually we don’t say sun cream in Canada. We say sun screen. Fancy huh? Canadians are so posh. 🤣😂🤣😂

    I guess when you find the sun cream I’ll have to tell you to stay out of the rain again. 😃❤ I hope you’re smiling Superdad.

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  5. Sunburnt in Yorkshire??? What, was it a whopping 7° C??? You guys don’t know what hot weather is!

    As re the school situation … sigh. It sounds like what we call SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up). SIGH. A line from the old PPM song comes to mind … “When will they ever learn …”

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      1. Since you got burnt again, methinks I should send you a tube of sunscreen! I think you got our sun this past week, for we’ve had rain nearly all week long until today when it was a beautiful sunny day.

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