It’s early. I should be sleeping but I can’t. The mad dog wants to go outside and have is morning constitutional….. So without bothering to get dressed I dragged myself out into the chilly garden. Don’t laugh but the dog won’t do what dogs need to do without having someone stood next to him. So I stood bear footed on the damp lawn, looked the other way and whistled.

That’s when I noticed the hot air balloon. Right over the top of me. The balloonists got to see what I wear in bed….. Sorry about that.

By the time the dog

had finished. By the time I ran inside to get my phone, the balloon had moved on a bit.

Well that was a different start to the day.

61 thoughts on “Hot air

  1. Where I live there has long been a balloon festival and it’s nice to see them drifting down the vlley but last year of course it was cancelled. Haven’t heard about this year. I think it must be “cool” to fly in one.

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      1. Have you ever seen a big grizzly bear? Your feet would be so heavy you would have trouble lifting them, lol. But the school headmaster would never say no to you…

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  2. I read the title and thought for sure it would be in reference to some government official. Hot air does seem to describe them.

    Poor Captain Chaos, No privacy at all. Oh yeah, poor you too. LOL

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