I wonder how long this tree has stood here. Was it here before or after the road. Whatever happens, I so hope the tree outlives the road.

What’s the point of the road anyway, it’s been closed for 6 weeks. The road apparently really needed water pipes dug into it……. I bet this tree is much less demanding….

Somethings last forever. Somethings are not meant too last as long. Somethings don’t last as long as they should. If your lucky the really important things last for the right length of time.

But just like this tree, we just never know……

46 thoughts on “Road

  1. No, we never know. I lost my husband two years ago today. Weren’t we supposed to last forever, or was thirty-five years the right amount of time? Granted, it’s more than many got, so are we the exception or the norm?

    Sucks either way.

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  2. I hope you gave that tree a hug! Or at least a pat. Trees are so wonderful!

    I think the time is always just the right amount. Maybe not what we’d prefer, but right. Some lessons, some losses are very hard.
    We only realize how those hard ones were necessary when we get further down the road.

    Another stunning photo!😍

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  3. If humans are kept at bay, the tree will long outlive the road. It’s only humans that think the value of a road exceeds that of a tree. ‘Tis why if I must return to earth, I will return as a wolf 🐺

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