In years gone by if I needed to think. Be with my thoughts. I would go for a run. Maybe go climbing. Those things worked best for me. But then parenting and then single parenting curtailed the climbing option. It was then running. Fell running to collect and process my thoughts. Often I would start a run then become lost in my thoughts. Only the alarm on my watch would bring me back to reality. I would be miles into the hills and it would be a mad sprint to get back home for the return of the school bus.

Then the pandemic happened. We went into our family lockdown. So far 16 months of a lockdown. I lost running. But I didn’t lose my need to think. So I discovered the joys of leaning against our back garden fence. Thinking while looking over the fields and scanning the distant horizon from a little hill top home.

It worked.

So this morning I was leaning on the fence. Thinking. Looking at a distant beautiful tree. Dreaming.

But then I was joined. Someone decided to invade my space and block my view.

I’m can’t really see the tree now. I’m having to stroke and feed this one. I’m telling this cow my dreams. She seems udderly fascinated. Or maybe she’s herd then all before. Definitely deja moo

59 thoughts on “Thoughts and dreams

  1. Seriously, y’hoof never met her~bivore? So basically, she was just pasture place and threw cow~tion to the wind? She does seems an expert in her field of cow-moo-flage, crept up on you good and proper, so no one cud stop her. Did she udder these words “Hay, stop me if you’ve herd this before, but manure irresistabull”. 🐄 Heifer friends said anything yet?

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  2. So, you had a companion sharing your dream. These days we are having sheep on the other side of the street. Whenever someone walks by all of them come running while bleating like mad. It is so funny.

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      1. It makes a very lovely scenery. Yesterday, the weather was wonderful. I sat on the bench behind my house reading, looked towards the mountains, heard my brook and the bells of the sheep in the background. I so missed that.

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  3. Before the trees and shrubs I planted here became a forest garden, I too used to love it when the field behind here had friendly animals wanting to commune. 🌳 🌳 🌳 There’s just too much vegetation between us now. 🌳 🌳 🌳


  4. A tree … a cow … all part of nature! Of late, I have taken to talking to the squirrels I’ve been feeding peanuts to on my teeny tiny back patio. They really seem to have empathy for my tales of woe, seem fully engaged in what I’m saying. One is named Cedric (per Lord David) and the other is Cecilia. Like you, sometimes I just need to think without the noise of television, human voices, dishwasher or washing machine making electronic racket. Trouble is, when I let my mind run loose to think, I seem to fall into a dark rabbit hole from which I cannot climb out. Perhaps thinking is much over-rated?

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      1. Yes, for the time being, it will have to be a virtual one, but perhaps some day we will meet up in beautiful Switzerland and share a cuppa … or more like a whole pot of coffee.

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