Follow the path and see where it leads….

No sleep. Technology problems. Word Press in more scheming than Skynet from Terminator. Part of my life seems like a real bind at present. Hard work. Uninspiring. So unlike other elements of my world.

I could really do with walking along that path right now. A time to relax and gather my thoughts again. Problem is that it’s been at least 16 months since I walked here. It’s certainly not being walked today.

And that path. Where does it lead. Well keep walking straight. Straight over the small hill. Dead straight across two more fields. You get to my garden fence.

A path I have trod so many times. A path I love. But heres the thing. I never once walked it with another person. I’m sure there is a message in that thought somewhere.

43 thoughts on “Path

  1. You’ve got to use the pain. Use it as fuel to move past the torment, to the light at the end of the tunnel.. May you be comforted

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  2. Walk it with us, Gary! Take us along. I would love to see what you discovered. Your world had become small over the past year. It is time to open up the range.

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  3. WordPress has been a pain for me lately, too. One minute I had the blocks editor and the next, only classic editor. Still, I hope that however that path is for you now, wherever it lands up will be enjoyable.

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  4. Talking Skynet, as Sarah Connor se , end of Terminator 2, ‘The unknown future rolls toward us.’ It’s a bit like that, ‘Every day you get older, it’s a law,’ speech from Butch Cassidy. I guess the thing is, you keep walking. xx

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  5. Some paths we walk alone, and some we walk with thousands of others, but may not realize we’re on the path together. Hang in there friend. We’re with you. 🌟💛

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  6. If I were a spiritual man I would liken the machinations of WP and the symbolism of the path to some great plan. But I’m not, so I will merely point out that WP is a pain and wish you well for the future.

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  7. Ultimately, we all walk our own path through life, no matter how attached we may be to someone else. At times we have company, maybe for long bits, but some bits we can only do alone. That’s a lovely field for a long, contemplative walk.

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