The end of the school half term. To sum up the last 7 weeks of school at home –

The support is rapidly drying up.

More lessons passing without much support for Hawklad. His work isn’t getting marked in most cases. Increasingly we are having to decide on the areas studied. Whether they are in line with what his class are covering, we have largely no idea. The year exams start as soon as the school returns from the week off. We still don’t know the arrangements for Hawklad. We don’t even know the detailed exam timetable.

Definitely feels like we are getting cut adrift. The support we battled to get for him a few years back has largely been removed due to wider commission decisions, not on individual case circumstances. He’s supposed to see a paediatrician every 6 months but due to cut backs in service and a pandemic, it’s now been over 3 years since his last review. The local council keep putting off his annual education review, again the last one was nearly 3 years ago. School do not provide any additional in class support p.

Maybe it’s partly single parenting and sometimes I get to feel really isolated – but it certainly feels like our family is being cut adrift. Sadly that’s what happens with the vast majority of Autistic and Asperger teenagers. Cut adrift.

53 thoughts on “Cut adrift.

  1. Government is really being stupid by not continuing support for autistic teens and young adults.
    If they would continue to offer support, and job & life skills, maybe they wouldn’t have to pay for adults who don’t have a place in society.

    There should be transitional education for ALL children. Not everyone wants to go on to University. There should be apprenticeships or other skills training.

    Tax money to fund education is supposed to help kids become contributing members of society. If the kids don’t get the education… 🤐🤐


    With your support, Hawklad will do fine. He’s super smart, and instead of climbing mountains, you’ll MOVE them to help him😉

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      1. Arrange a meeting or a call. Tell them the difficulties you both are facing. I’m sure you will be able to get through to someone with some sense.


  2. Is there a local support group – great help for parents mostly as young people don’t want get involved? You know the saying – those who shout loudest get the help. It’s not about aggressive parenting – but persistent chasing of services. Often one service who has the most clout – will chase other services to do their part. Contact CCG (clinical commissioning group) if peads or CAMHS isnt helping – they provide the funding.
    You are doing great by the sound of things. He will find his niche in life with your support!

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      1. The funding issue is a nationwide theme! YoungMinds has a parents help line I know.
        And although you live in a rural area (the cows give it away!) – on line support might be better than nothing.
        As a country – we are letting our young people down- as parents and those who work in the profession – it’s hard to see this happen and you are doing the very best you can for your son.

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  3. It’s an absolute disgrace. If you didn’t pay your taxes you would soon hear from someone. It’s so obvious that Hawklad is very bright and would do very well if the blasted school would just do their bit. Shame on them and the government.

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  4. Cut adrift is their doing. Cut your ties can be yourn. Choices, choices. Maybe you could complain to someone or request stuff to help to complain and get stuff done from someone (not that I know who and if there’s clout in that). Of course there is always pancakes. 🥞

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      1. Well now, how does one take thee cakes from said pan Chuck? Shall we travel the sweet Earth and pick up some toppings? Sicilian lemon juice 🍋 and caster sugar from East Anglia? or maple syrup from Canada, ripe cherries 🍒 from France, with Swedish glace vegan ice cream? 🍦

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  5. This is such a shame. Everywhere support and modern medicine progress but in this case, it seems not fitting into the budget or the program. I don’t get it. This is the kind of injustice that brings me to a boil.

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  6. Dad, I strongly recommend that you find support with other parents facing a similar situation. Who can work together to find solutions for your children’s education and other needs as well as gain public attention. Don’t allow the system to cut you adrift!

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  7. From what we saw when we ran the project on the farm, you need to be persistent, greedy and a real pain to get any progress. Even then, the resources may not be there, and you might end up being the sort of person you don’t want to be. Or stand for parliament and change the system from within… Good luck, anyway.

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  8. That sucks.
    I don’t have any personal experience with this, but it my understanding that the available support in the US is better than what you are getting.
    In most cases I don’t think it will ever be enough, but the basics should be covered.
    Give a parent something to work from, somewhere to start at least.

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