At least the roses are true and can be relied upon…..

One rule for us and one rule for them.

The rules only apply to the people not to those in charge. Everyday this becomes more and more evident. They are found guilty in court and nothing happens. The tax payers pay the fines and they carry on. We don’t count.

During the pandemic we have been told to follow the rules. No questions you must obey the rules and obey the politicians. You will be punished if you don’t.

We were told to stay at home. Think of the greater good. Then a member of the Government drives 300 miles to be with family. Goes on drives to tourist destinations to check his eyesight…. Breaks every rule we are supposed to be following and yet our Leader defends his friend. He was only acting as ‘any parent would act’. According to Johnson the CASE WAS CLOSED. Yet other parents were fined for count far less. Our Leader didn’t rush to defend them….

Now the Government man in charge of health services has been at it. Let’s put aside the incompetence and malpractice which follows this Secretary of State everywhere. This is the man who said social distancing rules had to be obeyed. In his words they were ‘not a request they are an INSTRUCTION’. This is the man who when one of his chief scientific advisers broke the rules he took great delight in forcing him to resign – to do the right thing.

Well guess what. The Secretary of State was breaking the rules at the same time. He has been forced to admit that he was in the wrong when photographic evidence was published. He was breaking the same rules that his scientific advisor was forced to resign for. He was openly ignoring his own instructions. They didn’t apply to him. Yet he won’t resign. Our leader says the CASE IS CLOSED and he has his full support.

One set of rules only for us while our so called leaders make hay. They treat us with contempt. This has to change.

22 thoughts on “Roses and broken rules

  1. ‘Our leader’, well theirs (will never accept him as mine) can’t say anything as he has absolutely no moral compass.
    This is what ‘led by donkeys’ looks like…


  2. The more I read of the political scenario in uk, the more I’m convinced that there’s no difference between your country and ours! And we are a third world corrupt country!

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  3. Why isn’t the population rising up and demanding his resignation? Where are those famous speeches in Parliament?

    The bigger question is what is going on with the citizens who voted for these clowns and think they’re doing great?

    Now you’ve got the BBC turning into FOX News too.🤦🏼‍♀️ The whole world seems FUBAR!

    which can be rearranged to Hug😁

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      1. It’s like the Cult Of Trump people still claiming the election was stolen… the divide hasn’t gotten any better, even with a new President.
        Maybe we just need more time, but I’m still afraid it will get worse before it gets better.
        Thanks for the update!

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  4. My mind can smell the roses (which is nice), but it can also smell the governmental BS (which is not so nice). If the latter was placed under the former, then it might be useful. Sadly it’s not the useful kind of BS 🐂 and all it has is in common is that it stinks.

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