For those that don’t know Yorkshire is called the White Rose County.

School is a bit of a strange bizzaro world. A world in which most things are back to front and I’m not just talking about my pants 😂😂😂. An education world where Art invades all the subjects except Art. Where Maths becomes Computing. Computing becomes Comic Strip Studies. Where Citizenship becomes Comic Strip Studies. Where Geography becomes Science. Where Science becomes a million ways to learn about ways to get ill and where History becomes Victorian Criminology. You get the picture….

But what is even more unsettling is where the subjects he has elected to go with next year increasingly forget about Hawklad and where the subjects he is dropping within 4 weeks are given him increasing amounts of attention. Where his marks have gone through the roof in soon to be dumped subjects – 89% in one soon to be ex-subject. And in the subjects he is continuing with he is struggling to get hold of the exam paper to even attempt to try them…

And it all starts again tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “White Rose

  1. This all sounds very upsetting. I believe many just give up with all the layers to navigate, and I am glad Hawklad has you to help him through this. Your love and advocacy always take front and center in your posts. 💗

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      1. If only you lived closer and could look at what Carmarthen Free books have. Still, that’s books and they’re subject to perceptions and political correctness. So, in the meantime he could make audio recordings of the history in the making? As what happens today, is the history of tomorrow and his would be a personal view, but important nonetheless.

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