A rose with thorns. Big ones as well….

Parenting is filled with so many highs but wow does it come with some mightily sharp thorns. One of the peskiest of those thorns being the lack of sleep. As much as you kid yourself, you never seem to catch up with those missed closed eye moments. So far it’s 14 years of sleep deprivation and more to come I suspect.

BUT whisper it. Just like those roses with the thorns. Parenting is so worth the thorns.

13 thoughts on “Thorns

  1. So worth it. I spent so many years cursing our school system, dreading the ten years left, and then eight years, and so on, thinking I’d never make it through. And then the abject terror of having to educate my son myself, knowing it would fall completely on my shoulders. And now that he’s finished high school with zero idea of what he wants to do next, the reality of how he’ll one day support himself is beyond worrying. Does it ever end?


  2. You said it Gary – sleep is overrated – like being social – like this, like that and so many others – albeit a little bit of sleep at the right time is required. Cracking photos you have been taking my friend .. admittedly l am reading backwards on your posts, but cracking shots or should l perhaps write stohs gnikcarc 🙂


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