White roses. All very summer like.

The reality…..

An early start. Exercise out the way. Homeschooling started. Housework done. No work to be done until tomorrow. Time to relax. Time to enjoy a few hours.

The reality…..

Walking bear foot to the kitchen to make a drink and standing on a Lego piece. If only that pesky Lego Lifeboat Set had stayed intact and off the floor for as long as this foot pain is lasting

14 thoughts on “White rose

  1. We need rain, my garden is in serious wilt condition. The other day my son filled this water bladder that goes in the backpack he purchased for when he rides his motorcycle. He managed to spill water in the floor and left without telling me much less cleaning up the mess. I found it when I walked out of this room and across the kitchen. My foot hit the water and my backside almost hit the floor. I managed to catch myself with the help of a chair. He thought it funny-because I didn’t get hurt- me not so much.
    Legos, little demons that lurk out of sight just waiting for bare feet to approach.

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  2. Oh yes, the dreaded Lego brick! Roses flower all the year round here, which I found quite odd, and they are immensely tough. The house came with some lovely white roses, so I had to achieve some balance by planting some red ones!

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  3. That must have hurt! I have had ice cube issues. Everyone seems to enjoy feeding the dogs ice cubes but sometimes the dogs don’t want one and no one picks it up. It melts, of course, and I am then sent on a slip-slide collision course through our kitchen. Definitely keeps us on our toes!


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