Three emails from school over the last few hours. Kinda sums up the the modern world. The first two emails informed parents that more pupils had tested positive for COVID. Close contacts had been identified and told to isolate for two weeks. The rest of the school was still open and pupils are still NOT required to wear masks in school in line with Government policy.

The third email was more specific. In Hawklad’s Class yet another student had now tested positive for COVID. The Class would have to now isolate as well.

The number of cases in English schools continue to rise at alarming rates. I really hope that the pupils recover quickly and they are not in the 10% of children who develop long covid or end up in hospital with serious complications.

This is real. This is happening in my countries school’s today.

42 thoughts on “Emails

  1. Irresponsible government policy. The case numbers are escalating ‘but going in the right direction’ for restrictions to be lifted. How are they viewing the figures then? Through their a*se? They are putting the kids at risk

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  2. This is really sad! But I still say yours ( country’s plight ) is much better. Imagine not being at school both because of Covid-19 shooting cases and riots by a nation that’s insecure with their country’s Independence?😭😭😭😭😭

    You all can follow my link so that you somewhat find out what’s really going on in my country when I release something this coming Tuesday…


  3. I guess ol BoJo thinks kids don’t really matter. Parents can just make more🤦🏼‍♀️
    Doesn’t he have a dozen or so himself?

    I’m pretty sure masks are still required at schools here. I know Ben’s school, and our home district are requiring them. The middle & high schools might not with vaccination🤷🏼‍♀️

    Why why why are they not offering the vaccine to 12-18 year olds?? Pure stupidity!! Is the NHS ready for all these kids? Will the vaccine hold out against all the mutations as the virus spreads around?


    Stunning photo! I love it!


    1. He only cares about himself. The government seems to believe that you better better quicker and longer after getting ill. But that is not medically proven at all and it ignores the thousands, currently 128000 who have died and the many more suffering long covid.

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  4. Surely there’s a rule or a Law, where the Government can vote Johnson out. Especially if he’s endangering the lives of the public, of which he is supposed to serve? Then again, I guess they tried to do that with Trump too. It’s like these “people” forget, they serve YOU, not the other way around.

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