A few weeks back I was in the loft trying to find some old papers. In a corner I found the old bread maker neatly packed away in its old box. No papers but I did decide to bake some bread.

So a few days later I bought the gluten free bread ingredients and went back into the loft for the machine. Wow it was heavy. So I opened the box. Pants…..

Ok, no it wasn’t full with pairs of my big pink pants. But no bread making machine. A box full of papers. The papers I was trying to find. My plans had gone a RYE. Homemade bread was now TOAST. What was I thinking about, I’m BUTTER than this. But at YEAST I found those papers.

29 thoughts on “Bread making

  1. (((BIG SMILE))) That’s some excellent play with words and glad you found what you had been looking for. Now you need to open all the other things that you felt have been closed to you, one by one.

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  2. LOL! That could happen to me too since I am using those old boxes. But usually, I am labeling the box with its content (in case it differs from what the box says).

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      1. So, yes, if you are usually labeling the boxes, there is no doubt about what’s in… lol. As I said, this could happen to me too therefore… lol


  3. Hahaha, This made me laugh thank you needed this. But I am sorry it wasn’t your bread machine. It’s funny but I’m selling mine only used it twice. . Hmm I wonder how much and how long it would be to send you mine? Shame if I’m not using it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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