Somedays you end up looking back more than you look forward….

That brief rain shower had passed through a earlier. A heavy squall but soon no evidence on the ground that it happened. Just a receding cloud on the horizon.

Yes it’s been one of those days.

Reflecting on life rather than looking forward. I know it’s not good for me. Can so easily descend into a world of full on melancholy Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen lyrics.

I did try to refocus. Do stuff but so much is really working today. I even got a pencil and blank piece of paper out to write out some short term goals. An hour later no writing just a brown circle matching perfectly the base of the coffee cup which had found its way onto the paper.

Signs of a half empty coffee cup on a so called sheet of Hope…….

Pants…. gone all Leonard Cohen and Roger Waters on you already.

Yep somedays are like that….

But then I remember what is important. Truly important to me. I smile. Even on days like, the sun can shine.

49 thoughts on “Squall

      1. Pink Floyd, is it indeed? I remember my friend’s older brother seem to always be listening to Pink Floyd, especially while we were there eating our lunch. So to me it always sounds so (trying to think of the right word) I will call it [Teenage boy in a mope], but then again, the same can be said of a few from David Bowie and Queen (sorry Brian).
        Much prefer songs more jiggly like: Love Shack or Whole Lotta Rosie or Love in an elevator…

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  1. Even though it’s only me, and that in itself is the worst feeling ever, I am fortunate that I have local gyms, that I hate going to now because of my tears in my rotator cuff, and lots of medical appointments to occupy me. So I am feeling just a tiny bit of what you are experiencing 🙏💔

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  2. I have made these cards the size of credit cards and on them are things that help and are personal to me. I suggest you might like to make some blanks ready for when you think of some positives. Also they have things on them 🐧 using sellotape e.g. images of wild flowers 🌼 ripped off of a leaflet, a puffin, some french translations, jokes… I think there’s about 30 or more there now.

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  3. Melancholy creeps in… it’s okay to visit once in a while, but not some place you want to live😉
    The Sun *does* shine… and it makes 🌈 rainbows

    You need more chocolate in your diet😉 can’t be bummed out with nom nommy choco tantalizing your tastebuds😆

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    1. You know the other day I rushed into reception at work and said “Oh please, quick I need chocolate” and you know what, reception had some for me in her handbag.
      Miracles do happen.

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      1. That and dance. I recall a tribe leader saying that it sounds cruel how the depressed are left alone to get on with it in countries like ours, whereas in their tribe if someone is depressed they gather around and help them to dance. I find it works to put happy music on and dance, it lifts my mood. Anyways, here is me and my daughter attempting to lift the spirits of others:

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      1. Sleep? Oh drats, I have to do some o’ that, before I have to actually get up and go to work at 6am. I’m surely gonna look and work like a zombie!!! 🧟‍♀️


  4. Love that you love Leonard Cohen. One of Canada’s most outstanding exports.
    A tip for keeping yourself focused on whatever you want to focus on. Use sticky notes to put little notes to yourself. Put them on your morning mirror. the fridge door, the computer screen, anywhere you look everyday, and at different times of the day. Just short notes, STAY FOCUSED, GARY or LOOK AHEAD, GARY or just KEEP BREATHING, GARY. Number one rule, make them personal. Number two rule, learn to look at them and read them. You will be surprised how much this actually helps.

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  5. I have had many days like this especially recently and I have the same difficulties, I am quite introspective and focus a lot on the past rather than looking forward to the future with its endless possibilities.
    I wish you well in your continued journey through life and may the storms that come your way pass through quickly

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  6. So easy at the moment to take out the big stick you know and knock yourself senseless with it. Sometimes though, it’s an okay thing even as it doesn’t seem it. Everything has a place, even times like this. Cos another time you draw from it and you take a step forward. even if it is just a tiptoe.

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  7. I’m sorry. Sometimes the down mood creeps in and tries to take over our best intentions. I am hopeful that your mood will leave you alone so you can smile again.

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  8. Yes….so easy to get maudlin. This morning I announced to the 11 cats that I was not in the mood for cleaning up after the, First thing I find, a chair been pissed on. But then they do other things and they make me smile. No pleasure without pain…,

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