It’s finally summer and it feels warm. It’s especially sobering when you see the horrible floods Western Europe have been suffering. So much loss of life. How many wake up calls does it take……

For what it’s worth I wish they had called man made climate change as Global Storming. Severe storms are becoming more prevalent. That’s summer and winter storms. I still here people talk about warming up the planet as being a good thing, making those beach trips even better. I heard that yesterday on the news. Staggering. But surely even those heat seekers don’t want to sign up to more severe storms.

Whether you believe in man made global warming or not, surely we can all agree that we should be doing all we can to stop polluting the world. It’s just the right thing to do. Preserving its beauty and protecting its natural habitats.

It’s still such beautiful planet which we have an obligation to protect for future generations.

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  1. Unbelievable that people are so clueless. They don’t realize that those beaches are getting further inland and soon lots of properties will be waterfront, or under water. How do we wake them up?

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  2. While Europe is being flooded, we have just gotten out from under a weather cone in Western Canada that left us buried under unbearable heat. Where I live in far northern Alberta I consider we got off lucky so far, our temperatures never hit the high 30s Celsius. Remember last year in Europe when the temps were hitting the 40s. That was like living in an oven. Temperatures like that were mostly unknown on Earth. Yet, just after the cone finally drifted away from us, we heard somewhere in California the temperature reached 55.4 C. That was the second highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.
    Right now Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, is fighting over 300 wildfires caused by the extreme heat followed by tremendous storms filled with lightning strikes. Primordial forest are burning, sending smoke and ash into the air that is making air unbreathable everywhere it blows.
    And everywhere crops are being decimated. I haven’t heard directly what is happening in Europe’s breadbasket, but most crops in Canada have been heat-burned. Food prices are going to rise. This is going to be a bad winter here.

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    1. I also live in Northern Alberta – that heat dome was brutal!!!! We did have days of 40+ temps and it never cooled down at night either. It was awful. I see what’s happening here and around the world and I shudder. I believe we are in crisis NOW!

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      1. Yup, we got it almost as bad as you. Too hot, whatever the final tally was. Haven’t watched the weather lately, but my S.O. tells me our high yesterday was around 13. Felt like winter to me, after the previous weeks.

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  3. It is scary what’s happening over here. No day without heavy rains for more than a week. We are still lucky while parts of Switzerland are flooded or are preparing for floodings. But they too are still lucky compared with what has happened in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other regions. On Monday, the bad weather front seems to finally pass.

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  4. Well, to be fair, they switched to “Climate Change” from “Global Warming” because studies showed that “Global Warming” confused people. People thought that the world would just get warmer, not this. People were often confused about the difference between climate and weather, too. So, Climate Change became the new term in order to avoid confusion. I don’t know if Global Storming might cause similar issues… I know it’s a suggestion. I’m just pointing out that the term has actually been carefully selected.

    Also, studies have shown that those who don’t believe in Climate Change often still acknowledge its effects. A really good example is when Samantha Bee did a story on American Republican farmers. Many would refuse to discuss Climate Change because Climate Change has become a political hot topic that automatically leads to certain reactions. However, the farmers were perfectly happy to discuss soil erosion – because it was an obvious problem that impacted them. The farmers happily agreed to “Climate Change” solutions when put into the frame of “Soil Erosion” solutions.

    It used to be that local news helped to fill gaps like this – relating widespread issues to local ones and making them more digestible. But, nowadays, most local news channels are controlled by large corporations who are only interested in pushing the news that makes them money. Plus, with the internet being a global source of information, people feel the need to use terms that appeal to the largest group of people – not all people. Basically, people don’t care because they don’t see themselves as affected. But, when you show them how they are impacted, they care. Caring only for what impacts you is a rather natural human tendency – especially in populations where communities tend to be small or in cultures where individualism is given more attention than community connection (the West). If people really want to change minds, they have to stop attacking others who don’t see things their way for being “short-sighted,” “ignorant,” “selfish,” or “dumb.” Instead, reach out and see what the “others” care about. Relate to them. And, use that information to frame issues in a way that makes sense for them. How you say something often matters just as much or even more than what you say.

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    1. On this theme may I suggest an excellent book called ‘Don’t even think about it’ by George Marshall, he talks a lot about framing climate change.


  5. “surely we can all agree that we should be doing all we can to stop polluting the world. It’s just the right thing to do. Preserving its beauty and protecting its natural habitats.”

    Oh how I love that!! Well written Mr…

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  6. just heard about the flooding today from my boyfriend( who keeps up with global news). so sad, and shocking for me ..i guess i haven’t developed that shell of numbness when it comes to these things.

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  7. Hear hear. I have spent much of my academic and working life in the field of the natural world, and believe (irrespective of the horrors of climate change) it is worth looking after and always feeling awestruck.

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  8. Good idea. Maybe people wouldn’t be so defensive about it. I’m glad that our current President u understands that climate change is more than just slightly warmer temperatures. (It’s actually cooler and wetter than usual here in lower Michigan)


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