Don’t you just love Amazon. I bought a repair kit for our paddling pool and a replacement electric pump. It’s one of those pools that would take at least a decade to partially inflate if I tried old school. So with a mini heatwave hitting this weekend, I ordered in plenty of time. The items arriving from the same supplier on Wednesday. Wednesday arrived and the repair kit arrived but no pump. The order now showing delivery on Thursday. Thursday came and went…..

The order now showing that the pump was at an incorrect carrier facility. It had been at our local facility with the repair kit but had somehow found it’s way to one 150 miles away. On Friday the pump had moved, further away. Now 200 miles away but delivery was still expected on Thursday……. But hope was there. It was now in transit again…

So where are we now. Its Sunday and the pump is NOT HERE. It did make its way back to our local facility. Briefly. It is now not even in England…. It’s mystery bus ride has taken it to Scotland. But again there is hope 😂😂😂😂

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  1. Up here in the Canadian boonies, Amazon seems to have no trouble finding us. But, the great Canada Post, what remains of the old non-privatised Canadian Postal Service, often has no idea where we are. There are 3 towns in Alberta with the same first word in their names: High River, High Level, High Prairie. Our mail often gets sent to one of the other “High” towns. Most often when that happens it ends up in the undeliverable, dead letter, pile because the town does not have a Blueberry Close street. You would think that would mean something to someone, no such street, must be in the wrong town. Nope, chuck it. People don’t need their mail. More than once we have had to ask them to do a physical search when we are expecting something important. They bitch like crazy, but finally they look. When they do find it, they deliver it without a word of apology.
    Hope you get your pump by July 15, 2022. Or get them to ship a new one!!!!!


  2. Oh yes, we’ve had these experiences. The Post Office once handed me just the label that had been attached to the rapping of the book I ordered. The book?No idea. They also handed me back mail I had posted over a year ago that had never gone. But having a pool and no pump….annoying to say the least.


  3. I hate when I order something and we have to go pick it up at the depot (not Amazon btw). It’s annoying. I mean, I paid for delivery but companies here are atrocious if you happen to live in an apt. building, as we do. The drivers do not want to push the buzzer and wait to be let in. Ugh!

    Hope you get what you need in time to set up your pool. I bet Hawklad would enjoy that.


      1. I guess they are better than some others but stuff like that happens here too. The worst problem I have is that they lie about being by. Like, they say you weren’t home even when you were just because they don’t want to deliver a big package. Then you have tp go pick it up yourself and that is a problem for me with the dog I have, plus you pay extra for delivery so they are basically stealing your money.


  4. I’ve had sooo many pkgs take tours!!

    On Fri I got notice that the post office had “attempted delivery” at 10am, failed – for no obv reason, and I was to pick up the pkg… but no info on where. Also, I was working next to the front door at 10am.. there was no attempted delivery. And even if I wasn’t home, there was no reason not to leave it on the porch. I’ll give it more time before cancelling… some PO employees like to lie about “attempting” deliveries.

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      1. Pennsylvania has a particularly bad postal service (no idea why). My friend has posted all the cross country trips her album purchases take… often coming with blocks of her home before taking off again. Very bizarre. But it the fault of our postal system, not Amazon.


  5. I ordered something special for my mother for Mother’s Day. According to the details it would arrive in plenty of time. It would have, but it seemingly got trapped in some “in route” loop that took it from facility to facility to who knows where back to start all over again. It did finally show a couple days late but mom was good with it and enjoyed the gift. Hope your pump arrives soon.


  6. 🤣🤣🤣 Amazon hasn’t had any trouble finding my house, but for some reason, local food delivery drivers are always getting lost.🙄 It’s a back house at the end of a long-ish driveway, but it’s obviously not THAT hard to find.

    I hope the pump still works after it’s rock’n’roll party tour🤪😂😂


  7. I must admit that overall, Amazon has provided great delivery service. Occasionally a package gets put in front of the wrong apartment, but since they text me a picture of the package in front of the door, I can tell exactly where it is. I hope your pump comes soon, but from what I hear, your heat wave is over now. 😥


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