We received an email from school. When the school reopens in September all COVID restrictions will go, in line with Government instructions. No masks, no support bubbles, no social distancing. Not the best time for Hawklad to potentially return. Hawklad who because of his anxieties will be looking for the reassurance of masks, space and safety measures.

How much social pressure will Hawklad be under to ditch his mask. Too much. It’s like the idea that he would put up his hand in class and ask for help with reading words. As much as he needed the help, putting that hand up in front of 30 other pupils was never an option.

It’s such an unnecessary mess.

32 thoughts on “End of school year

  1. My brain is literally over it all. Like, when do we all get normal politicians again? Constantly remind him that he can wear a mask. We haven’t really had to for a while now in my state, and I still wear one. Especially when I’m on the bus, or in the shops. Any small enclosed spaces where other human beings are who are not family or close friends, lol

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  2. He better keep his mask on in September and so should his classmates. After a good decrease in cases of COVID here in the US, because politicians are assuming people are reasonable and are getting vaccinated when they can, they are lifting mask mandates. But there are areas where people in mass are opting to not get vaccinated, and because they’re also not wearing masks, cases of COVID, including the newer, more contagious delta variant, are on the rise again. So crazy. One of my very intuitive friends was talking about having a pandemic is an opportunity for the entire world to work together. I’m not so sure everyone is playing nice.

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    1. Indeed; I was just on a business trip to a state where all mandates are lifted and in businesses masking was on the “honor system.” In other words, unvaccinated people were expected to mask up, but they weren’t asking for proof of vaccination for those who didn’t. I wore mine in conference rooms and on transit; in other words, unless I was outdoors and could distance or was in my hotel room. I’m still getting tested, because there were not-to-bright people in airports with their masks covering only their mouths if they wore them at all — despite Federal law. I’m so tired of people being willing to endanger others because lying politicians have convinced them the whole thing is a hoax.

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    2. It’s the same here but it’s just a mess. For example nightclubs have now opened without restrictions at a time when cases are rising rapidly. But then they have announced that in 8 weeks you can only get into a night if you are double vaccinated. So what about the next 8 weeks….

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      1. Well, you’re the guy for that from what I have read over the last year or more. Tell him I said hello from Ireland and get him to look up lovely Tramore and environs on a map.


  3. Who knows what the situation is actually going to be like in September. I did hear on the radio just the other day that the government is starting to realise future restrictions may be necessary.

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  4. Governments around the world are so afraid of upsetting the loudmouths in!,! their constituencies that they are willing to risk the lives of the non-vocal silent majority. Somehow they think no one will remember how they are sacrificing the sheep to please the wolves. Come next election, remind them of their crimes against humanity by voting them out resoundingly! Don’t let them think they were right to play life and death with the general public. BOOT THEIR SORRY ASSES OUT OF GOVERNMENT!

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  5. Since we are over 70% vaccinated our county has dropped all safety measures across the board – school, stores, community. Even though the safety measures have been dropped I would say that about half of us still wear a mask in certain places. I am thinking of Hawklad and hoping for him!

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  6. Is home schooling allowed in GB? You seem to be doing most of that already. It’s too bad that you can’t find that one compassionate and skilled teacher who will help Hawklad. It only takes one for an “outsider” student to feel safe. It might help you to contact the hundreds of blogs, webs, etc., on home-schooling, even if you can’t formally commit to that program. They often have a lot of information, experiences, etc., that would help you. It is a conundrum. Keep putting one foot in front of the other with the end in mind of doing what is best for your son, without being frustrated by the school system’s failures. If you saw the garbage that is being taught in US schools (revising history so it is “woke”!) you would count yourself lucky to be where you are. Prayer or meditation helps. You have mine.


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