Tomorrow could be called Big Step Tuesday.

Hawklad hasn’t been to school since March 2020. Not been within one mile of the site. That’s a long time to be away. School at home has replaced it. But tomorrow maybe that starts to change.

We have tentatively setup a school visit. After school closes tomorrow, we will drive through the school gates and park up. Just doing that would be a huge step forward. Then just maybe Hawklad will venture into school. A school with no other pupils and have a walk round. A teacher will walk with him if it helps. Or his muppet dad can. Or he can walk around himself. Whatever he feels most comfortable with. He could stay for an hour or he could spend just a couple of minutes. It’s all about trying to rebuild bridges.

Yes it could be a big step towards a school return in September. Or it could confirmation that September is too soon. Or even it could be further evidence that full homeschooling is the way forward.

Yes Big Step Tuesday.

55 thoughts on “Big Step Tuesday

  1. That’s a really good idea of allowing him the option to enter, while school closed. Giving him options on the day how best he wants to proceed with this, so he feels in control.

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  2. Good luck!!! Re-entering the world has been scary for a lot us. I’ve found my social anxiety was worse than it ever had been when I finally started regularly going into public again. I keep trying to remind myself that we’re all in this together.

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  3. It’s a big step but knowing that he can do it the way he needs and not how someone else tells him he should…that makes all the difference. I wish you luck. I’ll think off you. XX

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  4. That is a great idea that he can do that and get a feeling to make his own decision. Again, you are a wonderful dad to support him that way and leave it up to him 💖

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      1. Yes, absolutely! I think what matters most in that case is that Hawklad doubtlessly knows that he is taken serious and that already can give him enough ground beneath his feet to give it a try.


  5. My suggestion is to keep Hawklad busy during the day so that he doesn’t have time to sit and worry about the school visit. And you keep yourself busy, too, Gary, so he doesn’t feel your anxiety about how it goes.

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