The weekly missing shopping item update. This week we have gone up to 24 missing or items substituted with something completely different. Some good ones. The mildest korma replaced with the hottest and nastiest one available….. Or cream crackers substituted with Jammy Dodgers….. The delivery guy was really apologetic (not his fault). He was saying the supermarket has a growing number of empty sections.

I had to send an item to France for work. Before Brexit I would have just plonked it over the post office counter and paid the small postal cost. Now it’s shed loads of paper work and the cost has gone up ten fold. It’s then more paperwork for the poor person receiving it,

So in a word. Brexit is going really well for some of us…..The missing food items, the bureaucratic nightmares and increased costs are so worth it. Think of what we have gained. Hawklad and I have lost our right to travel freely in 27 European countries. So worth it.

But apparently I’m not supposed to talk about this. I’m far too negative. I’m just a remoaner. Even the head of my countries church tells me to ‘stop whinging’ and respect democracy. When did losing a vote mean that you have to stop believing in a principle. Standing up when things are clearly going so badly wrong. I’m not doing anything to disrupt Brexit. I want it to work. I want it to work for my son. For the next generation. But does that mean I have to just ignore what is going on. Just accept it. Fall into line. If that was the case then after an election any party not winning should just fold. Give up.

Tell you what. I will stop whinging when Brexit starts working. That’s a promise. Until then I will keep MOANING and keep fighting for what I believe in.

40 thoughts on “moaning

  1. Keep fighting, my friend, keep fighting! I’m sure you’re not the only one feeling all these negative effects of Brexit. Chances are the ones who wanted it in the first place weren’t really thinking about aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall that’s affected–so few do. It’s like the folks in the States who push hard for Communism. It all *sounds* grand–everyone’s equal! everyone gets the same!–but they don’t realize what is *lost* for everyone in such a situation.

    I hope that you and Hawklad are still finding reasons to smile. We’re doing our best here, and I’m sure with Captain Chaos in command, you are, too. Hugs to you from Wisconsin! xxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. And what is wrong with Communism if it is properly applied? The world has never seen a true communist economy. What they see are dictatorships and ruling juntas. Humans don’t seem to be capable of applying true equality. To condemn communism for what has been tried so far is to be looking with dark-shaded glasses.


      1. Oh, I know I’m cynical, to be sure. As you say, “humans don’t seem to be capable of applying true equality.” The concept of communism is one thing, but the application has failed time and again. There will always be someone who poisons the system.


      2. Until there isn’t someone to poison the system, I hope. The mistake Marx made was thinking the proletariat had to be led by the nose like a cow. It was an honest mistake, given the times, and it even looks like a necessity still today. But really it is a matter of consciousness. When the people themselves choose to live in a communist society, when they choose to publicly own the means of production, and when they choose to be represented by agents they select to help make those decisions that need to be made, while all of the people including the selected agents take no salaries, but share in the proceeds of production, that is when true communism will work.
        When democracy was first used, back in Ancient Greece I am given to understand, those who chose to take part in making decisions for the city-state did so on their own dime. They were not paid to take part in the democratic process. They participated because it was the right thing to do. When the warring Romans conquered the Greeks, they saw the benefits of self-government, and they tried their best to duplicate it, but at their head they put an Emperor in change, so they did not have a true democracy. Then came the Dark Ages, when Kings and Pope’s ruled Europe, and did so at their leisure. A ruling class of nobles and barons and church officials took over the running of small estates, but answered directly to their king. Until, I am told, the British Lords decided to control the kings at least to some degree, and they called this democracy after the ancient Greek style of government, but it was not, because the peasants were not allowed to participate. The ruling classes were still the ruling classes, and peasants were virtual non-human slaves.
        This is what our democracies of today grew out of. In North America we tried to do away with ruling classes, but they were just replaced by the land owners (slave owners) and the growing industrialists (wage-slave owners). And soon they began to demand salaries for giving their time to make the laws that defined their society at the expense of those who really had no say in self-government.
        I am sorry if I bored you with this history, but there is a purpose.
        Where once there were at least the trappings of elected officials getting paid to govern, today elected officials believe it is okay to get paid to not govern. They are not even making a pretense to earn their salaries, and a large number of certain elected officials have no interest in governing, but they are gladly taking their pay because their is no way they can earn those salaries for actual work they are unable to do.
        I have to admit, I never saw this coming. For the last 45 years of my life I have not participated in the democratic process, after I realized I had no one to vote for but the best of a bad lot. In those 45 years I have not found one candidate worthy of my vote. But still I accepted en masse they were trying to accomplish something. Now they are hell-bent on accomplishing nothing, and though my part was small, even I had a part in that.
        Long story short, there is only a semblance of democracy in our government processes. Elected officials have become parasites feeding at the public trough while good people slave away to pay taxes to pay those parasites. It is past time for a change. It may not be time for true communism yet, but it is time for a democratic socialism that finally gives power to the working class, A POWER THEY HAVE NEVER TRULY HAD, though they were led to believe they did.


  2. I agree with you. Over here, though, we have people still insisting that the 2020 election was a fraud. Those people are not moaners. They are spouting sedition and instead of the country getting together to make things work, they are causing trouble. I am so sick of the whole thing and I really sympathize with you. Brexit was a BAD idea.


  3. I’ve had that “think positive’ stuff crammed down my gob too. It just tends to make me more negative, because does that Pollyanna Pleasant Puss really think I enjoy going around spreading doom and gloom?? No. But to suppress our outrage just causes more damage to our being in my opinion. Ulcers, stress, bad digestion, rage. No. I say keep right on griping and get it all out. You’re not alone in your opinion (from what I’ve read anyway) you know!


  4. Actually, Gary, you are supposed to be a good little boy and sit silently with your fingers knotted together in front of you on your desk. We are making you into a cog to fit into the great machinary known as Brexit. Don’t worry about the lack of oil, or the sharp sounds of things that don’t fit, eventually they will wear down and all will be well. Believe us, we know what we are doing! (Not sure what idiom is most current in Britain, so I’ll just give you the common trio from Canada: barf barf, puke puke, vomit vomit!)

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  5. Now, you know how the Swiss have felt all the time. It is like living on an island. Wait… 🤔 … you have been living on an island already…
    However, guess what I am going to see tomorrow? We are taking the Glacier Express to Zermatt. I cannot wait to see the Matterhorn!


  6. To me it sounds a bit like Brexit is trying to put something back in a bottle after it’s already been uncorked long ago. A bit like trying to unring a bell. But what do I know? I’m sorry for your troubles.

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  7. If you find yourself in need of a barricade, pop us a line. I’ve some old pallets and pond liner that I’m meaning to use for compost bins. Come to think of it composting a few of the brexiteers might not be a bad idea.


  8. Keep talking.
    It isn’t moaning to point out that you/we are still waiting for the sunny uplands promised.
    ‘They’ have gone quiet.
    They can see the mess and are gratefully hiding behind Covid as an excuse.
    But the truth will out.
    Keep talking truths.


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