Definitely a moody day. Moody means ‘it’s about to CHUCK it down again…’

It’s now 6 weeks to the schools return. In 6 weeks the classrooms will be full and the Government has removed all social distancing. So in September no masks, no screens, no class bubbles, no additional sanitary facilities, no additional distancing. Schools are perfectly safe. Currently with some protection there are just under 1000 COVID child hospital admissions with an average of 52 new admissions per day. 64 have tragically died from COVID.

It’s within this backdrop that Hawklad is struggling with a potential return to the classroom. He is already talking about the social pressure to stop using his mask if the rest of his classmates and teachers aren’t. It’s just a mess. Some families are desperate to ‘return to normal’, some families are unsure and some are still trying to shield.

It’s just such a mess.

30 thoughts on “Chuck

  1. It’s a mess here too. I have no idea what kind of mandates they are going to have especially for the younger kids who can’t get vaccinated. As of right now, our whole district is mask free but who knows what the final call will be. Total mess!


  2. Alberta is in that mess too. Jason Kenney absolutely refuses to reinstate any kind of personal protections for children in school. The man is a nutcase. He has already alienated 60% of the province over all kinds of stupid policies. His ratings are hovering around 20%. He is trying to force nurses to take wage rollbacks after the work they did fighting covid, and after he wasted literal billions of public dollars on promoting fossil fuels around the world. And now he wants parents to send unvaccinated kids into a greenhouse full of viruses and variants.
    I think he wants to punish people for turning on him and his disasters. “If you don’t like me, I’ll make you hate me!” Typical conservative politician.

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    1. I don’t get why countries like ours do this. Our PM has openly said that he didn’t buy into the idea of hospitals being overrun with COVID. Hence his preference for getting as many young infected as possible to test out his herd immunity experiment. The hospitals can easily cope with the influx. Not enough people in power who truly care.


      1. In Switzerland like in Liechtenstein you must wear masks on public transportation, doctors, and body treatments. Also, in Switzerland masks are requested in public buildings (stores, hotel lobby, restaurants). Liechtenstein does not require masks in public buildings anymore. Since I am crossing the Swiss border frequently, I need to keep in mind where I have to wear masks and where I can choose to do so😄


  3. Some of us are desperate to err on the side of caution!
    Local schools planned to reopen (in roughly 4wks) mask free but policies changed 2 wks ago… masks are now going to be mandatory. But if #s drop again, so will the mask mandate.


  4. It’s a total mess. I got ridiculed only the other day for wearing a mask inside a fish and chippy by an adult not wearing a mask Well even the guys serving aren’t wearing masks he fumed, why do you think you are special?

    I thought sheesh … talk about screwed up!!


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