A quiet corner of the village church. There has been a church here since at least 1079AD. Over time it’s become one of those places where man and nature have merged together. Yes we can work together.

The UK’s so called Government believes that it’s not up to them to tackle climate change. Big Government is bad. It’s all about individual decisions. Micro steps. So they have helpfully suggested people should stop rinsing plates and freeze more left over bread. It’s up to others to sort out the environment.

In unrelated news the so called UK Government is set to announce approval for a new massive climate unfriendly oil field off the coast Shetland. Burning oil and nature clearly go hand in hand. Big Government is clearly good when it comes to making money. If only Government could think big when it comes to future generations. Problem is there is no money to be made now with the future.

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      1. Interesting. We’ve never had funding for solar power installations here. The Green Party is pushing the idea, but it might take some time to get their coalition partner and largest party in Parliament – the Labour Party – to sign up. But there is hope. Funding has been available for home insulation for some time. The government has just recently started subsidising new electric vehicles up to the tune of almost $9000 and placing levies of a similar amount on some categories of internal combustion engines.

        What I’d like to see here is price regulation for domestically produced electricity. Currently we pay around 30 cents per Kw/h
        for electricity we buy in but receive only 7 cents for any surplus we sell out.

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  1. To be fair, this has always been an issue with Capitalism. What we have today isn’t even Capitalism anymore, actually. We have deviated far from the original Capitalist theories… But, still… Both the original theories of Capitalism and the Capitalism we practice today rely on constant economic growth that is fed by a constantly growing consumption of natural resources. And, when Capitalism was conceived, this assumption seemed to make cultural sense. Colonization was going strong and appeared to be a stable (although racist) supply of seemingly endless natural resources. But, we know better now. Racism isn’t just, it’s a crime. And, the world isn’t endless. We’ve taken too much and the planet has little left to give. What we need isn’t just a new government, but a new world economy. Now, that sounds daunting, but there already exists thriving alternatives. Alternatives that aren’t even that far off from what we have now. People just need to get together, pay attention, and choose sustainability over making money in a currency that won’t have any value when the world burns.


  2. Is it because individuals only last around 75 years (if lucky) and therefore, as soon as an individual matures well enough to know better, it’s not in their power or ability to do enough. Oh wait though, many of the kids seem to be thinking much better these days, less selfish on average, but then again there’s that pressure though… Pondering, pondering, pondering and look at the time!!! Half past one in the morning of the next day!!

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      1. Now where’s that adult version my son shown me of “Time for bed said Zebedee” so “… ” said Flo… Let’s not go there shall we? As for the very last Rainbow, that was hilarious!! 🤭


  3. helpfully…Sarcasm, do I detect? lol … I saw that, how simple is your Government? I don’t even know if that’s the politically correct term, but I don’t know anything word at the moment, lol


  4. Noooo. Not in the Shetlands….noooo. Don’t rinse plates? What are you supposed to do, lick them clean? Throw them away? Eat out of a saucepan? (I’ve been known to do that, but only before I actually had a plate)


  5. I am so scared when thinking of our planet. And I cannot believe that some governments still don’t get it that they need to shift their thinking – immediately!


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