It’s a weather kind of day. Lots of it…..

The irony. For a few hours the village had no water due to a burst water pipe.

I don’t know why but I’ve just thought of a bit more water irony. Back to when I played football at university. We played a game across in France. Both trips across the sea were a nightmare. Really stormy. Huge waves. I was the only one in the party who could not swim. They team would take great delight in pointing this out. One of the nicknames my team lovingly gave me was the ‘Drowning Flounder’…. Yet out of the 13 footballers on that ferry who was the only one who didn’t get sea sickness. I was happily in the restaurant indulging in the all day breakfast while my teammates were leaning over the side of the ferry for some reason. The Drowning Flounder mastered the waters that day…..

31 thoughts on “Water

  1. Thanks for sharing this hilarious story, Drowning Flounder! Hope you get water again soon. And on a side note, the homes in your village are lovely!


  2. Living in Orkney, whatever the weather I still had to get on ferries to get home. 🛳 For there was no way I’d take a plane, even if I could afford it. On one occasion it was an awful storm brewing and as usual I’d no money to wait till it improved in some B&B. It was an awful force gale experience, with ginormous waves and the feeling of dropping and turning and rising, then dropping and turning… the ferry was at one point so weird, the stairs were damn near flat!! then a mountain!!!! Most of the tourist passengers were filling paper bags all the way, bless ’em.

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  3. I’ve had a Cook Strait crossing like that, where I was the only passenger out of approximately 1000 on board who wasn’t holding onto a paper bag. Even much of the crew were in the same predicament. However the vehicles on board fared worse as some of the restraining chains gave way. Dozen of vehicles were damaged as crashed into each other on the vehicle decks. Some were not able to be driven off the ship after we docked.


      1. It wasn’t so much a storm. Rather, it was very heavy seas. In fact I don’t recall much wind, but being Cook Strait that’s unlikely. It probably meant I spent most of the time on the leeward deck. Indoors there wasn’t a single area where the stench that seasickness produces wasn’t overpowering. So l spent most of the time on deck, watching the bow point to the stars one moment then watching the bow attempt a near vertical dive down to Davey Jones’ locker the next.


  4. We had a STORM last night. I’ve been in my house since July 31, 2006 and have NEVER lost power. I lost power last night. Instead of flickering and off for 5 seconds, this was off for hours I think. I don’t know. I fell back asleep. LOL


  5. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 There you go. It must be one of you’re super powers. You showed ’em. Thanks for the laugh and smiles. Take care of yourself Superdad. ❤


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