The Yorkshire coast at just after 5am.

Steep cliffs filled with a wide range of gulls, gannets and sea birds. It’s a special place at any time of the year. Don’t forget your thermal underwear if you are coming …..

But today eyes, binoculars and telescopes are aimed at one spot near that distant sea arch. There sits an Albatross. That rarest of Southern Hemisphere wonders has made its way north. And with impeccable taste has made a temporary home in Yorkshire. Hope Albert (his new name) has brought his woolly hat and jumpers.

This was our second attempt to see Albert. We left the house at 4am more in hope than expectation. This time we were in luck. Through the lens we could see Albert perched on the cliff face. For an hour we watched the new Yorkshire Star. Then in seconds he was out to sea. A brief glimpse of an Albatross flying. Towering over the other birds.

If Albert stays long enough then we will try again. This time hoping for a longer sight of him flying. even maybe a chance to get a photograph.

It was also another step for Hawklad. Another encounter with strangers. All very friendly strangers. He kept his distance but managed to stay. Another step in the right direction all thanks to an Albatross. Who would have thought of that one.

40 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Albatross

  1. He was up to leave the house for 4am? Blimey. I couldn’t do that as his age, not even for a day trip. But oh my, it looks lovely there. I hope you both enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

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  2. Wow, that’s really cool, both the albatross and Hawkland taking the next step. But to be honest, those are all great places to practice and make it a bit easier to progress.


  3. I know who would have thought of that one: God. 😃 ❤❤❤❤ I love the photos. So glad you and Hawklad are getting out and taking those steps in the right direction.


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