It’s been a funny old summer. Most odd. For some reason the only thing growing here has been weeds and the lawn. Actually it was a spectacular year for nettles.

In terms of garden produce this is about as good as it’s got.

Is this it. Is this as good as it gets.

My hopes and dreams would definitely say NO, so much more to come. The tired mind and body today might give a different answer. Sometimes I feel stuck. Caught in an endless loop. Two steps forward then two steps back. No clear route to my dreams. Lots of effort and then a few weeks later I’m still stood in the same place.

But then I drag my body to the back fence and I look at a particular tree. A tree that had come to represent so much in my life. A tree that is battered and bruised. Storm after storm. A couple of direct lightning strikes to boot. Once accidentally hit by a farm tractor.

Definitely a lob sided tree, stood alone on an exposed hill.

Yet it’s still here. It still stands proud. Every day I can see it in the distance.

One day maybe the rainbow will land on that tree. It certainly deserves that.

So yes I might be tired and frustrated today but that tree has reminded me to keep going. Change might not come today, but tomorrow is not set in stone. It could just happen. Hopes and Dreams most definitely still in play.

Is this it. Is this as good as it gets. LETS SEE ABOUT THAT.

54 thoughts on “As good as it’s got

  1. Growing season started so late this year, after the drought was over something started to happen at the veggie lot. Then it got unusually cold for the season and it’s been raining a bit too much lately. We’ll see if there’s anything to harvest. Oh, the peas gave a good crop this year 🙂 Have a good one!


  2. So G, you know that saying “If …. lemons … ” well now beloved one, get out your marigolds and harvest those nettle seeds. As this is what it says about them:

    Stinging nettle seeds
    Nettle seed is considered a Western adaptogen herb that supports the adrenal glands and endocrine system. This is why in herbal medicine it is used as a tonic for fatigue and adrenal exhaustion; for people who are burnt-out, run down and low in energy, zest for life and libido.

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      1. So much mint here, it is like a weed, but every now and then I go bonkers making things with it. Mother’s recipe is for mint and pear jam. It’s delish.


  3. I recall you posting about that tree a while back. I am glad it gives you inspiration and strength. I firmly believe that there are better days ahead. You got this and you can do it!

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  4. I love your post. ❤ I especially love the part about the rainbow 🌈 landing on it. Hope is a wonderful thing. We need to hold onto it. That’s a special tree 🌳.


  5. Oh Gary I so feel this way. Well that was me weeks ago. And still on and off but yes keep going and that tree well that is a perfect tree. It’s strong as you’re, and that’s all that matters. Hugs❤️


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