If I keep my eyes open on the mad dog walk, I always discover something new…

So another school at home day. The pattern seems set. For each lesson something appears on the school system which can be accessed remotely. Maybe a one page document to read. Maybe a few random questions. Maybe a link to something on the web but with no signposts about why he is visiting the site. Maybe an unclear project. Whatever it is there are no instructions, no timescales, no indication of what is expected. We don’t even know if Hawklad is expected to return any work. No contact from any teacher.

So if he finishes within a few minutes what does Hawklad do for the remaining hour or so of the lesson. If he submits any work will it be even looked at.

Maybe the teachers are distracted by other issues but it does increasingly feel like school has given up on Hawklad.

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  1. Sounds very frustrating, especially the lack of feedback on the work that is submitted. I can understand your feelings of deflation. I wish it wasn’t this way for you and Hawklad.


  2. What is up with that school?? I had an email from Willow’s school yesterday sent to all parents about their target of 96% attendance. How are your school so unbothered by Hawklad not being there? How can they not be trying to help him, either working towards being back in school or facilitating learning at home? I’m sure you’ve tried everything and I’m so frustrated for you ☹️


    1. We have failed that attendance target several times now. Last two years due to anxiety. But the year before he broke his fingers twice at school and was off. I was sent a letter asking if we could improve his attendance…. I’m not sure suggesting school didn’t brake his bones would be a good start….

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      1. I wonder if they would improve the sugar content, by being made into dry rings on a string? Core and peel the apples, slice thin into rings, thread onto string and hang them over a heat source or in a window. When springy dry, pop them into a clean jar for the pantry.


  3. Could be a blessing in disguise – use the time for real lessons which no school or teacher can offer. It doesn’t have to be every day, maybe a couple of times a week. Do as you’re already doing – twilight walks, dawn trips to the cliffs, games on your front lawn, all the little things you do with your boy that helps in his coordination and other motor skills. Honestly, Gary, the life you’re giving your sweet little fella – it’s a full curriculum by itself. Nobody can replicate that.

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      1. Has anyone actually got it together these last couple of years? I had such hopes to get “That Room” sorted (it’s full of junk) and it still looks like a back room of a charity shop! Sewing stuff 🧵 knitting 🧶 🧣 mending to be done 👕 👖 and costumes. 👗 👘 🥻 Still, it isn’t eating anything and I haven’t killed anyone (yet) or gone too bonkers at those not taking this pandemic 🌍 seriously.


  4. This sounds terrible. Of course, I don’t know what the issues and tasks for the teachers are, and I am sure, there is no deliberate cutting Hawklad off. But it doesn’t change the fact that you feel forgotten and ignored.


  5. I’m seriously thinking of sending stuff.
    Only (and here I pull a “Really Aunty?” uncertain face) would it be considered inappropriate or welcomed? I don’t wanna overstep the mark, but would feel happy if it helped.


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