The farm fields are now ploughed. The Autumn School Term has started. So the early alarm calls have heralded even less sleep. Another week of school at home. I had forgotten the frustrations. Hawklad hanging around for stuff to do. The time lost searching for files and waiting for teachers to respond to queries. Trying to find the right colour pen and then one that actually works. Trying to filter out areas that might spike Hawklad’s anxieties. Then watching the online system and Microsoft Teams crash.

Oh how have we missed this….

I needed to de-stress. So it’s time for MINDFULNESS. Somedays it’s works, other days not so. Today’s free mediation video was different. Lie down on the floor. Relax the body. Clear the mind. Slow the breathing down. So far so good. But then the slightly intimidating Hannibal Lector voice tells me to focus on my right foot – how does it feel. Then my right leg. Then my left leg. How is my abdomen feeling. Then my tummy. What are they feeling, what is the sensation. Then my back, my chest, my shoulders, my arms, my hands. Finally my mouth, my nose, my ears my eyes and the top of my head. I should be calm and relaxed now. Well that’s what Hannibal said….

Well to me not so. I remembered stubbing my toe, my toe hurts. I remembered my knee I had overstretched during that morning weight training session. I felt my IBS playing up, I noticed by tummy feeling bloated. My back was definitely stiff. My left shoulder which has been dislocated several times was sore. I could feel the finger I had burnt cooking, I could feel the paper cut on my thumb. I found an annoying bit of food between my teeth. My ear was itchy. AND my left buttock had gone to sleep on the hard floor. Basically my body hurts, pointing that out Hannibal, how is that supposed to relax me. Seriously.

Yes Mondays are painful.

31 thoughts on “Monday Mornings are a pain

  1. Oh wow BABASP, I imagine your eyebrows meeting in the middle and praying for release!! 😟 It reminded me of the time I was in a class full of students and someone had a similar bright idea with “Okay, let’s do a bit of mindfulness…” ~ “Phones off…” ~ I just happened to find myself in the centre of the room when it all started, so I was trapped and laying on the floor, surrounded by relaxing / giggling teenagers. Then the git at the front who started all this shenanigans, turns on the sound of waves crashing on the shore, so I get to be mindful of my bladder!!! 🐳 Oh how mindful I was and oh so concentrating.

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  2. Ouch! Perhaps the technique they taught for relaxation in pregnancy classes might be more helpful, which is to tense and release each muscle area at a time. Unfortunately doesn’t stop them hurting though…


  3. Perhaps the breathing technique…in through the nose, deep breath, out through the mouth, taking all that negativity with it…..sometimes, in certain situations it helps, but it’s not as easy as they would have you believe. Hope it gets better Gary.


    1. I was taught: a deep breath in to a count of five, hold for a count of five, breathe out for a count of five, hold for a count of five, repeat. I’m not sure what it did, but that pattern became my normal pattern when relaxing, and even when sleeping. Until the doctor’s decided I had sleep apnea, worse than most cases they had ever seen! I tried to tell them the periods of not breathing were NOT me stopping breathing, just a pattern. They told me I could not teach my sleeping body to have “holds,” and that by not constantly breathing in or out I was damaging my body. So I retaught myself to breath on a in and out, in and out pattern. I have more problems now than I ever had before.
      Just like my pacemaker! I lived for 65 years with an extra beat to my heart, and I always had lots of energy. After the sleep apnea fiasco, the doctors ran all kinds of tests, and decided to give me a pacemaker to make my heart beat like a normal person, 4 beats only. Now I can barely do anything. I am exhausted after 5 minutes of action, any kind of action! My spouse thinks I am just being lazy because I used to always be doing something. Now I can barely stand up sometimes.
      We should not always listen to doctors, unless they are telling us to get vaccinated against Covid. Other times, they just make things worse because they think all bodies should work the same. Mine, for one, does not work like most others…


      1. I remember my niece. From a young age she was under medication for allergies and asthma. As the medication range and strength increased she got worse over several years. Until one doctor basically said lets see what your like without medication. Within weeks she was almost completely back to her normal self.


      2. They tried that with me a few years ago, but they would not turn off the pacemaker. Also, they would not let me stop the insulin. I could do it on my own, but they said if I do they would no longer see me. The next closest unrelated clinic is 300 kilometres away. Not a distance I can travel if get a sniffle. Yet they treat people who refuse to get vaccinated for Covid. The medical system is screwed up beyond belief. As per my rant today on Ideas From Outside The Boxes. Well, actually it’s about anyi-vaxxers, but they are related, kinda.


  4. So, this was not the ideal pick of meditation for you, as it sounds, Gary. And maybe you should listen to the voice first 😂
    Maybe a run in nature would have helped better to clear the head and release inner tension after that morning.

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