What on earth is going on the conservatory window. And yes the conservatory needs tidying up. Out of focus dinosaur toys have taken over.

So it’s the first full week back at school for families in our area. Already many children have taken the quick but problematic virus test. Our Government is really pushing them while other countries are deeply sceptical of the test we use. Even our own Doctor Groups have expressed concerns. Some parents are refusing to let their children take them. Some schools have run out of the test kits. But the tests are the only precaution left in our schools.

From the parent comments on our school’s forum, a number of children have tested positive and are waiting a full test. A number of parents are isolating due to contracting Covid. But the Government rules have changed. Schools are not allowed to track potential cases without the approval from the authorities. They are not allowed to notify parents of potential or confirmed cases. Parents will only be notified if the number of cases escalates beyond a set national threshold. It seems odd that if a child has head lice then other parents are immediately notified but no notification now with an infectious disease. It also seems bizarre that under the current rules a child who tests negative using the inaccurate quick tests must still attend class even if that child’s parents have Covid, and if the child’s siblings have Covid.

Not an ideal backdrop for Hawklad to be wrestling with going back to school or not. He is still struggling with crowds. Still struggling with OCD. Still struggling to touch objects. Still struggling to venture inside.

School have said that they will try to be flexible about his return but do they really get it . His health professionals recommended a number of changes to help but these have not been acted upon. We asked if he could be put into classes with at least a few friends to help his potential return. Most of his classes have now been announced and guess what. Where are his friends……NOT in his class. It’s as if they had tried to put him in the worst class groupings possible. Let’s hope that the last two subjects fair better. Classes are full, the year is over allocated and unless a pupil leaves then switches can’t happen apparently.

Yes they’re at it again…. And it’s not helping.

51 thoughts on “They’re at it….

      1. They have to prepare carefully for these wonderful kids, and I say that about my 17 year old granddaughter. Her learning capacity would probably be a 3 or 4 year old in some aspects, and a teenager when it comes to art, and theatrical makeup/dance


    1. No. Tried that. Other parents have gone public in other schools. The media just isn’t interested or just trots out the standard answers from those in charge. It ends up being turned into an us and them argument. Special need children taking money from other children.


  1. How can they be so unhelpful 😣 Hawklad is lucky that you are sympathetic to his needs and not forcing him back, not all parents get it. My daughter’s dad actually said once that a different school would “slap that behaviour out of her.” “That behaviour” being autism.

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      1. Good job you keep in touch with those other parents then I think if I had kids at school 🏫 I might have to plunge into the world of social media. Thankfully I only dip my toe in via this blog and only communicate with a few selected others.


  2. This is all so stressful for you! Does he have an EHCP in place? Is there an educational psychologist attached to the school you now involve? Surely they should be investigating other education options for him now?? Likely you have looked at all those avenues but I’m flummoxed 😶 ❤️

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    1. He does but even been waiting for an Ed Psych for years. One came out during the EHCP process, watched him in class for 10 minutes. Since then nothing. The service has been cut to the bones here. They won’t see him apparently because they say it wouldn’t add to anything as there is no additional support available to him. ❤️

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  3. Of course the gov terribly keen to keep the testing going in school, cos many of them are making a packet from it. But they are less kee, it seems, to sport what really sorted here re children who need that extra bit of help. Now if there was mileage and dosh in that, just ima

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